Pang Tumblr!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Photos of assorted bracelets, wrist wraps, and inedible yummy accessories that I found in Tumblr pages (pictures above are not mine, no copyright infringement intended, FTR! :)). Can't leave home without these stringed beads; jiggling bangles that make bell-like sounds whenever I hold on the MRT handrails for my dear life. Haha. 

Anyway, I just uploaded some nifty bracelets in Anagon Collection. Beads, braided, multi-strands, etcetera...Lahat "Pang Tumblr"! Hehe! Check out this page for the too-cool designs, for as low as P50! :D Though better get more than one, bracelets look muchmuch better when stacked together! ;)

See you in the "store"! :)



  1. Lovely bracelets.=)

  2. i love this, beb! alam mo ako hindi makakaalis ng bahay with stacks of bracelets :))


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