Weekend Blur

Monday, July 18, 2011

Again, weekend flew by, and *poof*, Monday nanaman. Hay..
Anyway, my 2-day happenings:

Saturday night, watched Harry Potter again with Alli, Ana, and Tamems in Glorietta 4. Again, I cried--pero sa ibang scenes na, haha. 

 Mary Grace early dinner before movie:

My bullies! :) <3

Met up with Chickie and Jopo in Greenbelt after the movie for a little catch up and tawanan:

Sunday morning: Project 6 Fiesta!
Tita Emma, Mom, and Dad with the kakanins--classic!

Project 6, Quezon City is my mom's hometown. I actually lived here with my late Lola for a few months during my senior year in college. Matagal tagal nadin since I last visited the place--ever since my Lola "Nanay" passed away, we celebrated our Christmases in either our house or my Tita Emma's.

Small family nalang kaming andito sa Pinas sa mother's side ko. 

After lunch, I decided to spontaneously go to Araneta to catch a UST game!!! Naexcite ako!

Naabutan ko pa: 4th Quarter of UP vs. NU game:

I was rooting for UP since both my Bullies graduated there, but I guess NU had the advantage of...hmm...big time source of funds? Henry Sy ba naman, I am sure they had better training for this season!
Congrats NU Bulldogs!

Then entered my Growling Tigers! Haha!

Trying to recognize new names...Ang dami! I love getting to know my team.

Half-time: Go Salinggawi Dancers!

Transferred to another area so I can have a better look of our bench. I love seating near the court for the "total experience", so I usually buy Patron ticket which is worth P300.

Sigh. Hahahaha.

Nearer my Tomasinos! :) Kahit mag-isa, I love cheering with the crowd! Namiss ko mag Go USTE!

Lamang for most of the game's duration, but UE scared me when they started shooting flawlessly by end of 4th quarter...Akala ko mahahabol pa! Sakit na ng Tigers yan. Read in forums that the Tigers scored only 10 points during the 4th at panay sa free throw pa, while UE Warriors scored 24 points! Anyway, a win is still a win....


I love watching UST games. There's a sense of "ownership" pag "team" mo talaga yung chinicheeran mo. I missed shouting and even boo-ing passionately (haha) and cheering, screaming, and mag-mura while watching an intense competition. I guess UAAP will always be part of my life, kahit hindi na ako ganon ka regularly nakakanood. I will always be proud of the UST Growling Tigers, and I know dadating uli ang Golden Glory for our team. Graduated during the year our team won the championship against Ateneo.

Also, congrats to our rookie Kevin Ferrer, very promising!

 After the game, headed to MOA to bond with the Bullies for another round of Harry Potter--hahahah! Adik na kung adik, but this is an IMAX experience! Didn't shed bucket of tears na compared to my first and second HP experience, siguro mga 3 pieces nalang haha. But I LOVE this experience...Sobrang recommend ko you go on IMAX if you haven't watched the film...or kung gusto mong ulitin. For P450, sulit siya because super clear ng audio and sobrang naenjoy ko ang visuals.

Slept over at Tamems house, where she gave me her pasalubong from Taiwan:
A Vivi Magazine, my favorite!!!! :D <3

There! What a roller coaster weekend. I am afraid for my emotions, sobrang extreme ang nafifeel ko at every hour or even minute. I pray I am not stressing myself too much, but I guess I already am stressing myself...Saturday night hindi talaga ako makatulog for my bad habit of rewinding my built in VCR--analyzing the things that I already said and did-- that I even wished I have Sleepasil or something. :/ There's so much things to go through, so much to learn, to control; minsan winiwish ko madali lang baguhin ang sarili. I am just thankful for my friends; I can't do all these alone right now and I have them to thank for for carrying my extra burdens. Nakakaguilty, but true friends will do that for you. 

I am blessed padin, after all. 

Leaving you all with "God' Message" to me a few days ago:

... that no matter how good you try to be to others, you will occasionally hurt them. Forgive yourself for it. The same will happen with them. Forgive them for it.

I pray for love, peace of mind, and forgiveness....

photo source
...Most especially from myself.


  1. Nakaka-relate na ako sa UAAP post mo. Hindi ko akalaing magbo-boo ako habang nanonood ng game. LOL. Kahit na talo, worth it pa rin yung experience. :)) Sayang lang may class kami pag DLSU-UST. :|

  2. i'm not really into basketball but i love kutsinta! :P can't wait to see you again on the 20th :)

  3. UAAP games! Never pa ako nakanood haha. And yay, hindi lang pala ako ang nakapanood ng HP three times this weekend XD akala ko ako lang ang "weirdo" (hey I absolutely love the book) for doing that - tas IMAX 3D lahat sa SM North. Haha!


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