Great finds during the Port88 Bazaar!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just want to share some of the bonggang eksena during the Port88 Bazaar last weekend. :)

1) Kitsune Shoes Manila: Buy 1 Take One at only P950!
Nice flats at such affordable price tags!

2) Love these vintage glasses <3
Lakas maka hippie at hipster!

3) Not only exclusive for fashion: They also got stalls like this:

4) And this: 
Kitchen wares!

5) I am a big Sanuk and Toms fan...Kaya medyo maloka ako dito:
Look, 50% off sila!

6) Cole Vintage's satchels! 

7) Another temptation for the shoeholics c/o So Fab!

8) Camille Co's Coexist was also there!

9) Le Plume clothes for the dainty ladies!

10) Creepers, wedges, cute flats, and boater shoes in partner shoe-overload booths Rome and Tutum!

11) Ms. Ann's shop! We are always neighbors during Cuenca St. James bazaars!

12) Pinaka nainlove akong flats: From HEBE!

The scallop flats <3

Ang cute masyado!!!

13) Pang events mode shoes in Virtual Mae:

14) Giordano / Ladies ON SALE: They have P500 coats, and even pieces for as low as P250!

15) I love Trunk Show's set up! :) It is my dream to have a bazaar stall like this!:D

ATM Machine was provided for the shoppingeras! :)

My top 2 favorite food stalls:

Tokwa't Boboy!

I am a happy kid pag may vegetarian food options sa bazaars! :D 

I ordered the tokwa + rice twice during the bazaar duration!

Binudburan ko ng bonggang garlic bits ang rice toppings! :) Yum!


Gawing tubig ang milk tea! Hehehe!

Caramel Milk Tea with pearls, 25% sweetness, large! :D

Surprisingly, WALEY akong nabili during the whole sale, hahaha! What is kuripot? :P I really wanted to save muna and sell muna, haha. Sayang ang gaganda pa naman ng mga shoes! ;p

Can't wait for the next bazaars!!! :)


Para masaya: Happy Birthday Nariese! :)))
Hope your day was a blast! :)
See you soon!

PPS: Mini Contest! :)

Sabi nga ni ka-Oprah: "To be happy, you have to give something back."

I got this loot during the Wrangler Fashion Show, and since I don't have a guy yet (nuks) and dad wouldn't need more facial wash ... I am giving them away to anyone interested! Along with the Master and Loreal Men's facial care products, also included are: a nice Wrangler denim tote, Wrangler leather key holder, and men's magazines (because I am wholesome, hehe).

No need to like any page, just (1) follow my blog and (2) post a comment in this entry with your name, Google/Blogger account, and email! :)

That's all folks!


  1. Yay! May picture ako sa blog mo! Haha. Thanks, Ana! :) At sana din magkaron na ko ng Virtual Mae na shoes! Nakakatakam! :)

  2. Hahahah thank you also, Nariese! :D Naku ako din :P Parang maka 5 lang ako niyan, wala nako kakainin buong taon hahaha...pero lahat ng events outfitey solb na! ;) Hehehehe

  3. OMG! I sooooo love the Scallop Flats! I want! :)

  4. lol, wholesome! :P sorry i wasn't able to drop by, it was my mom's birthday din kse and this whole weekend has been stressful. had to help the hubby w ms world, sila kse nag handle ng equipment etc. kakapagod! hope it was successful for you :)

  5. Ganda ng scallop flats!! How much? :) And anong site?

    OMG!!! Cute ng Wrangler bag! Gusto ko yung Master Facial Wash para kay bufra :) Hahaha pwede ba sumali?? :)

    Jenny Uriarte

  6. Ever since I came to Ireland, I haven't felt this sad to see what I missed out on at the bazaar. :( Because of that, I think I should get the freebies for the baby daddy. Hehehe.

    - Angel (Wonder Woman)

  7. haha! I was smiling while reading your post! kakatuwa! :) I agree with the save and sell mode kudos to you for being able to do that with all those great finds! :)


  8. Waahhh. Didn't get to go. Sayang! Looks fun and parang I would end up with a big hole o=in mhy wallet. hahahaha. Uy na intriga ako sa tokwa't baboy. Favorite ko din yun eh! haha :)

  9. The scallop flats are to die for.. ganda! :)

    and surely, my kuya will say those men's mag & facial care products are to die for also.. hihi :DD


  10. Monique: so cute noh? what color would you choose? :D

    sarah: it's ok! :) wow ms world, diba nagyaya din si mark for that, sayang i wasnt able to watch it live...i realized i havent watched a pro pageant live! :D haha!

    jenny: oo naman pwedeng pwede! :D i love the term bufra talaga, pinag uusapan pa naman namin yun term na yun nung bazaar :) hay ang bufra ko pakipot pa, hehehe jok ;P

  11. Angel: how's your trip so far? :) yey thank you for joining!

    christine: thank you so much! :) happy to hear that :) keep smiling!

    daphne: salaaaap! now craving! hilig ko pa naman sa garlicy foods! :D mahirap lang mag sales talk after hahaha, toothbrush time! ;)

    Dara: super nice noh? so giiiirly! :D what color would you choose?:) and yey thank you for joining! :)

  12. Hi Ana! Shoes from fab manila talaga sila? di ko alam na may shoe line na pala! :D or is that so! fab? grabe ang gaganda pala talaga nung nasa bazaar! galing mo magsave, hindi natempt! sarap din ng tokwa't baboy agghh now craving! hahaha! =P wow ayos loot for the guys! sali ako! :D

    ghoent rodriguez
    Jump to Reality

  13. Ay fotek, thanks for the correction Ghoent! :D So Fab nga pala! :D Naku malakas ako magkuripot sa bazaars ;) Hahahaha :D Pag nasimulan na, dun ako lagot! Hehehe! :) Yehey thanks for joining!!!

  14. OMG Zebra print virtual mae rocks immah have to check this out :D Nice post n' find gurl ;D

  15. Thank you also sis! :) Hey I sent your prize already, watch out within the week! :) Enjoy!!!

  16. Name: Paulyn Dela Cruz
    Google/Blogger Account: littlemisspoleng

  17. Name: Lin Francia Rios
    Google/ Blog Site:

    That's all Ana. Thank you. Sana manalo ako.

  18. SO MUCH STUFF ON SALE!! Grabe Giordano for 250?? And so much shoes on sale! Grabe buti na lang di ako pumunta kundi... goodbye wallet! :)) I'll have to save up first before I go any bazaar :))

  19. Thank you for joining girls! :)

    Hi Claire!! Yes nalurkey ako grabehan ang sale, at sa 50% off sa Sanuk, nanlaki mata ko! :D Pero wala hindi ako bumili ng kahit ano, nanaig ang kuripotness hehehe ;)

  20. Siguro super kelangan talaga ng temperance at bonggang mind-conditioning tuwing nasa bazaar!! :))

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  22. OMG ang bilis my Nivea is here im so happy coz i also received my order online today :D

    i really want to buy that zebra flat boots :(
    i could not find it online on her store, how much is it? and how to get? huhu

  23. Wow mabilis nga a!! Yey enjoy sis!!:) all the best!!!:)

  24. Aaaah!! Was drooling over those scallop flats, they are so darn cute, then I realized that I am petite to wear flats haha! Kainis. :p Saw the port88 posts from DE but didn't see the flats there..

    Hmm..I'll take a shot at that loot for my guy :p
    Follower thru Blogger: My Sassy Chef
    name: Pearl :)

  25. Thanks for joining pearl! Keri an petite na naka flats!!:)) cute nga e dainty short dress with scalloped flats <3

  26. We have a winner already:

    rhaindropz said...
    Name: Rhania Escueta-Chang
    Google/ Blog Site:

    (For my ex bf.. myhusband ^_^ )


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  29. Thanks Ana for blogging about your Tokwa't Boboy Experience! Just the way 'boboy' wanted it!! Lots of garlic!!! We'll be posting your blog in our facebook page :) Tokwa't Boboy is now open @ Briggy Hall, East Capitol Drive, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City!!! :) Hope to see you there! :) Thanks again!


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