My Luxe Grunge Outfit for the Mango F/W 2011 Fashion Show

Friday, September 09, 2011


So how's everyone! It's already ... 1:29am and I am still up! I can't help it, I feel so high with the recent win of the UST Tigers against a big team, and, wala lang, mas F na F ko na ang FINAL FOUR! Really can't wait for Sunday, the last game for Round 2, tapos ayan na...Battle na talaga of the best four UAAP teams! I can feel the comeback of Season 69! (Yup, nag champion kaming UST nung 69 ba naman, thank you sa number ha, hahaha).

Anyway! So aside from UAAP (nakita pa ako ni blogger Catch na friend ni Pax kanina sa Araneta while waiting for my friends, haha)... I also, surprisingly, enjoy going out at night with my friends. Starting to become a weekly thing na! Dehins me partey girl mga teh, pero I love the company of my blog sisters! :) I'd like to blog na sana about the MANGO event last Wednesday night ... But our dearest photog Frank's internet connection biglang nag falter, so here muna mashshare ko from my BB:

Yun lang! Hahaha! I love Mango! Medyo mahalia nga siya, but their pants, wallet, bags, and shades are nice investment pieces. Pinaka love ko though ang kanilang store window displays! Pag ibang season na, Mango's window displays ang pinaka nagddrool ako--I love the styling! Winner! Pag napadaan ako, talagang "window shopping" at its finest! :D

About my outfitey na LUXE GRUNGE ang nirequire, it's actually just a mix of the following photos na I posted in my former post Mary Kate Olsen is My Luxe Grunge Peg....

The sling bag and messy hair...


The big checkered polo....


The cheetah print, deep red lipstick, pumps, and black boater hat....


My Luxe Grunge attire! (Thank you Inna for the photo!)

Hello hello lang sa awkward smile, hahaha! 

What made this look Grunge: Oversized checkered polo, sling bag, messy ombre hair
What made this Luxe: lipstick, lace boater hat, pumps

Bjorn also featured me in his recent entry Spotted at Mango F/W 2011 Fashion Show! Doon medyo full body ang shot, hehe! Thank you, Bjorn! :)

Yun lang! Posting more on the UAAP game and Mango event soonest! Good night guys! TGIF!!!!


  1. LOVE your outfit sis! Great inspiration...I love her choice of clothes :)

    Natawa ako sa 1st paragraph mo. Especially about Season 69. Mahaha

  2. cute mo lang talaga Ana! ;) witty blog as always. stay awesome!

  3. Saw you at the event, I was on the other site!

    Kaye (

  4. Imee: Alamoyan, tagal ko na peg si MK remember may time naka big blue men's polo ako sa isang game? :) hehehehe :) At benta yung 69 noh, kainiz lang! ;p

    Rizza: Youre the sweetest, thank you for your kind words! :) You stay awesome too! :) LOVE!

    Kaye: I wasnt able to meet you huhu! :( Next event, I hope? :)

  5. Ana, napansin ko, your always shy in your solo shots, hihihi! namention mo before sa entries mo na hindi ka comfortable sa solo pics pero kering keri mo naman with the outfit and all! go Ana! emote and pose! =P beautiful outfit and makeup! =)

  6. Ghoent: hahahah omg sobrang halata ba? :P hindi lang talaga pose-y ;p Hope people will still visit the site kahit ganun! ;p


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