Saturday @ Salcedo Market

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Before Mercato and Banchetto, there's the Salcedo Market.

Every Saturday, the Jaime Velasquez Park is a busy hub for food lovers, market-goers, and even the art enthusiasts. As a south kid, I haven't been in this side of Makati. Kaya when Ate invited me last Saturday, isa lang nasabi ko: gora akech!!!!

Although pumepeligro ang ulan that day, ate and I pushed through, rode a cab right after getting off the bus in EDSA Ayala. We got there and I witnessed why Salcedo Market was (and still is!) a big deal!

Ate eagerly checked out each stall-- Market and product research narin daw if she's pushing through with her food biz! Go Ate!

She bought her fave Takoyaki balls, which she immediately gulped habang naglalakad kami around the area..."Parang natapon lang yun food" hirit applies here, hehe!

True to its name (market!)...They also have fresh produce stalls...Like this fruits stand:
Favorite ko talaga rambutan, hehe. :P

Spotted a stall offering today's "it food" milk tea, and a stall with Pinoy-staple ihaw goodies:

Nice! This cart stands out for me! Very indie ang feel! <3

Interesting gimmick!!!
"Kakagatin" mo to!? ;-)

Still can't decide on what to get, when we saw this Indian food stall, where they sell shawarma, samosas, and breads like naan and roti!
I tried the Vegetarian Samosa, yuuum!

On the other hand, Ate went for the sausages...Reminded her daw of her stay in Europe I think 2 years ago. :)

Hindi naman obvious na nasarapan siya sa sausage noh!? Hehehehe.

Then it started to rain... Keri!

I have a thing for visually interesting stalls, love ko talaga ang cart-style:
Should have tried their froyo or ice cream, hay! ;p

After rounding the market twice, I went back the standout cart, and ordered their egg and cheese galette:

They offer really interesting French foods... Ang authentic ng feel!


The guy in the tarp! Hehe! 

What I had: Homemade French Fries and Egg and Cheese Galette :P

Food makes the world go round! Can't help it, pag sad ako I rely on good food and (most of the time) I am instantly happy!

Ate and I capped the food trip in the nearby CBTL where I drowned all the goodies I ate with a hot mug of brewed coffee, while I mindlessly stared outside the coffee shop, right through the mellow and unusually far-from-busy rainy Saturday Makati. :) <3


  1. My boyfriend lives just across the Jaime Velasquez park but he's never taken me there since it's so early during Saturdays!! Haha now I definitely should check it out!=)

  2. HUNGRY! Its been a year ata since our last visit to salcedo! Miss ko ito! Hi ATE!!! haha :))

  3. Jenny : wow swerte nya!! Sana neighbor ko lang din to, or mercato!:)) gow and try morning date nyo ni bf!:))

  4. Ava: hehehe saya!! Ako first time! Tapos may sundays din daw tho diff area in mkti!:)) hi din daw sabi ni ate!:))))) sana nagfood blogger na sya di nya matuloy!:p

  5. ive been there!!SARAPNUN PAELLA AND VIETNAMESE FOOD!:)) missko na magfoodtrip!!

  6. I've always wanted to go there, next sat matry nga din!

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  7. Daming food, kagutom! And puro kakaiba pa sila!

  8. Gie: i saw the paella!!!:p maybe ill try that next time!!! Hay foooods <3

    Kaye: gow!!! Super sulit ang pagdayo, for me feel-good sya! I kind of wish na may stall ako sa market setup :)) ang saya ng vibes!!

  9. Brie: super! Made me wish i live nearby!!!;)

    Claire: true!!! And the place is not as hyped pa as mercato... But the vibes and foods are great!!! Gusto ko na bumalik!;p

  10. ay,, sarap! or should i say SARAP!!!

    never been there, looking forward to. pang-endorsement ang kain ni ate ng sausage.. kabog!!

    at yan naman ang gusto ko sayo ana. umeeksena man ang ulan, go ka pa din , at nakakapagpictures pa yan ha. ikaw na! YOU ALREADY, one of the most dedicated manunulat of the blog-universe :)

    ginutom mo na naman ako, siyempre!

  11. Hhahaha!! Benta ka belle! Hehe alam mo naman blogging is my life hehehe kahit simpleng kainan lang sa kanto, kaagad ikinukwento online!;))

    Sana di kayo magsawa!!!:)

  12. ANA! My family and I have always wanted to go to Salcedo market :( would you know until what time open yung food stalls? :)hehe thanks

  13. I love this post Ana! I've been there before but pa-close na sila. So I wasn't able to try stuff :( Maybe next time! Hirap kasi pag mercato and banchetto. It's so late! I'm not a very night person :P Hahaha

  14. Ana: Naku sorry honestly wala akong idea sa opening closing nila ;P but ill ask my expert ate! :) hehe! :))

    Ai: Hahaha ako naman hindi morning person! :)) But I think I cant go sa mga mercato na super duper late naman! At iba yung indie feel nitong Salcedo :)) Thank you so much Ai! :)

  15. Ana Maria nakita ko na! :) Here:
    Open every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Kung alam ko lang na till 2,di nako pumayag kay ate nagpaka early bird kami dun hahaha :D

  16. Yun naman pala!! Gusto mo dun na lang tayo magmeeting next week? Hahaha bongga!

  17. Been there twice when I was still living in Manila! Happiness na happiness! Sana merong ganyan dito sa Cebu (or if meron, di ko alam haha)!

  18. Diyan masaya mag-celeb spotting! Medyo pricey nga lang ang mga "palengke goods" nila. :|

  19. Jenny: hahaha :D effort!!! Hanap tayo ng cool! Soderno?! Hahaha effort dun!;p ang public hahaha!!!

    Roanjean: wow coool why did you decide na transferloo na sa cebu?:)) for good yan?:)) curious!:)

    Nadine: feel ko nga expensive pag bili ako dito ng raw produce!:D wah waley akech na see na artistanellas!!!:D panay mga donya and forenjers! Hehe!!:))

  20. Huli kong punta dito, kasama ko si Zee!!! Grabe akala ko di na ako makakatayo sa sobrang kabusugan!!! Ang sarap jan at favorite ko yung French food at yun macaroon nila kase malaki and mura lang! Actually lahat ng food jan favorite ko.. Bwahahaha!!


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