Living High, Mighty, and Righteously because of you!

To the hat-guy, Mr. A-Z, thank you for your beautiful songs and awesome music!!!!

(i'm sure it's a great day! :))

I am not my face. I am not my hair.

I am not my family. I am not my care.

I am not my upbringing. I am not my mole.

I am not my receding gum. I am not my cold.

I am not my money. And I’m not my fame.

I’m not my hat. I’m not even my name. 

I’m just an idea that happened upon love. 

I am that I am and that I am is enough."
-Jason Mraz, Who Am I?

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  1. I like his songs. Simple and classy.

  2. so true! :) i live by his words, super compassionate musician niya; damang dama ko naman hehehe! ;p (he's on blogger rin sis!)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful words. Very inspiring :)

  4. dont we just love him!??? :) hihi! :)


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