Monday, November 28, 2011

Wore this simple outfitey for the Purefoods Fiesta Ham event (a luncheon) and the Primadonna event (at night). Ang weird weird ko na sa tricycle drivers and jeep pasaheros, pero pagdating sa event, I look sooo plain jane! :D Must learn more on outfitey transformation! ;) 

Anyway, super busy the past days, I went on BU hiatus para I can focus on my Anagon Collection bazaar stall in St. James / Cuenca. Met LOTS of my old clients and fellow bloggers na, and today break ko (to do other errands, and not even rest-break :P)...So you'll meet my mom there if ever you drop by. :) Anyway, the bazaar is till Wednesday pa, so you can still shop! Bought a bag, collar necklace, and cape na... So yeah, magandang bazaar sya dahil kahit si kuripot-me napashoppeng! Haha!

Anyhooo... Naalala ko lang na when I woke up this morning, ganda kaagad ng day ko! :) My idol Divine Lee posted a comment in my blog!!!! <3 Hindi lang pala siya very accommodating sa quessies sa kaniyang blog, but she also leaves replies! <3 Mas love ko na siya lalo, and can't wait for Bloggers United na talaga this Saturday! Kung iisipin, first time kong naging proud na size 10 ako sa shoes dahil kay idol Divine Lee! :))) Hahaha!

Thanks Kaye Awatin for the first picture!
Top - Archive Clothing
Hat - An old Anagon Collection product
Leggings - Dept Store
Shoes - Rubi / Cotton On
Bag - free sa Celeteque, haha
Bought the Muji customized canvass bag after Purefoods event when I realized na wow may dala akong hamon sa Primadonna event, hahaha!


  1. i love divine lee as well! Shes very fun and witty! <3

    ps: i love your outfit!! its so me!


  2. yay! you still look cute ana! and yes cant wait for bu!! <3
    The Bargain Doll

  3. twin!!! first of all, i must say, ang payat mo na! super na th-inspire me! seryosohin na natin ang pagiging MK&A. :)) second, kebs kung simple! i think sometimes, mas statement pa ang simple. ;) and thirrrd.. i miss you! haha :)


  4. Yay!! :) See you soon!


  5. How was the hamon?? Haha. Yun lang ang question ko.


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