The 50s Housewife

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How domesticated are you?

Being a millennium woman, I know we are more entitled to be less-domesticated than our 1950s counterparts, who were expected to do ALL the household chores...and at the end of the day, can still manage to flash that cheery smile and prepare a delish dinner to welcome their husband and kids who came from work and school. Today, though, the ladies in their 20s and 30s can just hire a housekeeper, and go out there in the big world to fulfill their dreams as a successful, earning career woman.

Navy Blue Polka Dots Dress - Archive Clothing
Slim White Belt - Borrowed from Cea
Pink flats with Teal trimmings - The Little Thing She Needs
Hair Tie - Bugis Singapore
Watch - SM
Pearl Necklace worn as bracelet - Accessorize
Sunburst Ring - Mia Casa
Photo by Aisa Ipac during the last day of the Supersale Bazaar

Though a go-getter like a true-blue millennium woman, I sure have that little 1950s chic in me:
1) I can wake myself up early for a meeting, and cook my own breakfast (real food, not instant) before leaving the house.
2) I am perpetually assigned to wash our family's dishes.
3) I love to cook! Though I seldom do this, when given the chance, I enjoy trying to come up with something good for myself and my family! With plating!

My only problem is that I think I am naturally a Messy Bessy. :P My room is a topsy-turvy of things--a result of being an accessories maker and online seller (aka my bedroom is also my bodega). Though I admire the dedication of the 50s Housewife in decluttering their homes and making it a place of peace for her hubby--That modern ambitious girl in me would choose bazaars and events over cleaning the whole house. :P I guess the 50s in me boils down to just my outfit. :P

On another note, my obsession for polka dots, florals, and stripes continues...That this stall in the Supersale Bazaar caught my attention (and still haunts me in my dreams :P)

Missy Bags brand carries PRINTED satchels! 
 MY heart stopped when I saw these cuteness!!!

Pax and I took turns taking our pics with the bags (using her camera), though we didn't bought anything from the store, the owners were still very accommodating! That time we were there, the husbands of the owners were the ones entertaining the buyers, talk about the new millennium! Ang kulit!

I had to look for Missy Bags site, and saw these:

Floral Satchels: 

Polka Dots Satchels

More pretty Floral Satchels, this time with lighter background!

THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!! #§ØÆ&%% :P

Will try to follow the brand to their next bazaars, I think I just fell in love at first sight. :P


  1. eh bat ka blooming!!??? haha!!! ay wag gnyan!prng gsto ko na din nyan!:)

  2. Those printed satchels are AWESOME! I am a sucker for floral prints and I'm now going gaga over your new blog BG :P

  3. love your dress and i want one too! :) the bags are super ccuuuuutttteeee = love!

  4. i love your dress!
    it really looks good on you :)


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