Ed Westwick is Free-Spirited!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

I was with my (obviously not-single) girl friends Pax and Sarah earlier today, then in the middle of relationship talks, I told them: 

"Pag Valentine's Day lang naman malunkot maging single! Pero pag ganitong ordinary day, ang exciting kaya! Hindi mo pa alam what's in the future, kaya may thrill--parang always on your toes ka!" ;)

And asa topic nadin ng pagiging single, I think we singles are lucky to have that chance pa to daydream on our "ideal partner criteria", before settling with one person for the rest of our lives. So relak lang! ;) For me, aside from sense of humor (and basketball player, lol), gusto ko yung malakas ang dating--titig palang:

And of course, ichura palang ang bango na (shower fresh scent! ;)):

Boys! Get that Chuck Bass Appeal with Penshoppe's latest fragrance for men: FREE-SPIRITED

The new fragrance is described as “cool and sporty, with top notes citrus and cardamom, as well as accents of marine fresh scent.”

Because the new scent epitomizes the confidence portrayed on and off camera by the handsome British star – cool demeanor, manly and fresh – there is no doubt that FREE SPIRITED will be a hit among the high number of avid fans waiting to try this shower fresh scent from PENSHOPPE.

Adds Alex Mendoza, PENSHOPPE Brand Director, “FREE SPIRITED is the perfect scent to start the summer season and when we shot the campaign, Ed showed us how to let go and have fun.”

FREE SPIRITED for women is also available at all PENSHOPPE stores nationwide. For more information, follow @PENSHOPPE on Twitter or LIKE them on Facebook. You may also visit their website at



  1. Hahaha. I LOVE THIS.

    1. Lolz thank you Angel! ;D Hahaha ang sarap maging single! ;)


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