Happier Days Ahead!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Yesterday, I missed my 12pm lunch event in Makati because I left my 12pm. :P Email is Evil, causing my well-planned prep time to adjust when I saw business mails I need to attend to. I got confused whether to still go to the event, but paid for my Ortigas bus fare nonetheless. And then still went down Makati. Then--realizing na late na talaga ako, I hopped in a cab and went to Ortigas. :P

Stripes on Stripes
Stripes Cover Up - Cotton On
Collared Top - Bugis Singapore
Stripes Skirt - Cotton On
Black Men's Watch - Timex
Gold Toms

I am fine with this, though. I love that I am in a place where I can make choices---Even last minute ones. :)

Photos by Aisa Ipac during the 2nd day of the Supersale Bazaar

Not my outfit for that day, but since I went out with two of my closest blog friends Aisa Ipac and Sarah Tirona, I want to share a few kwentos nadin of our girls day out, where we spent majority of the time EATING and TALKING.

Had my lunch first in Mexicali! Overeating nako while I still can! :P (Braces day on Saturday!)

They have coffee pala! All my favorites in one place!

Business matters but still panay kalokohan! Can you guess for what and where this is? :D

We also spent the night in Sarah's super artsy and homey condo! :D I love it here!

Pax pretending na nananahi....

...And me, di papatalo, pretending na nagpapiano and playing with "my dog"! ;P

Sarah served us yummy coffee...

And the coffee girl that I am, masaya nako nyan!

My phone and Sarah's--Terno and 50s peg FTW!

And our GOLD DOT shoes! :D

Doggie--papalamig sa fan, hehe! Ang init na talaga!

Talagang parang bahay mo na Pax a? :D Haha!

We get to know people more when we visit their house...And true enough, napasarap ang tour, usapan, kainan, and photo album sharing (lol)--- didn't notice na past 9pm na! :D We stepped out to grab dinner in a nearby Jap resto:

 Those are FOUR dishes, at DALAWA jan sakin. LOL. Ako na ang monster :P

What a nice chill day with these ladies!
Let's do this more often!

PS: Will you know na lang yang Blush On ko sa last pic? Haha! Magic! A tribute to Picnic before it closes down, lol. Sorry ang random ng post!


  1. Omg. Can't wait to see you wearing braces hehe!

  2. Looks super fun! Ang saya lang ng moments na ganito, walang pressure and bonding lang :)

    1. true yan! :) iba din yung ganitong get togethers, yung walang event :)

  3. Ang saya saya lang ng blog post na ito!! Nakakainggit!! Hindi ko na-experience makipag sleepover with you guys!! Kasi kung kasama ako, malamang di ko kayo papatulugin. Hahaha!!!

  4. Honey: oo nga noh! di manlang natin naranasan!!! pag balik mooo!


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