Supersale Bazaar March 2012: GREAT FINDS

Thursday, March 08, 2012

1) Neon cuffs from Superfluously

2) Pastel Necklaces by +RUCKUS

3) Power shoes (spikes, heel-less, and neons) from DAS

4) Leather satchels, travel bags, and (my personal favorite) passport holders from School of Satchel

5) Unique flats from Gold Dot (changeable accent, metallic, cut-out loafers)

6) Florals and Polka Dots Satchels from Missy Bags

6) Braided accessories from Bedazzle

7) Cutie Pie Hats from Bini Boshi

8) Highlighter skirt from Peace Love Fashion

9) Tassel Necklaces and (my personal favorite) Kimonos from Bubbles

10) Hello Kitty Store!

11) Amazing deals from Deal Dozen

12) Love the local: Bags with nice shapes made of weaved recycled materials

13) Sunday's Best Vintage Finds

14) Cutest collars, men's shoes, and bags from Peanut Butter and Jeri

15) Leap of Faith striped tops and dresses

16) Mia Casa's nice mix of nautical and boho accessories

17) Cocomo's nautical swimsuit

18) Mullet tops from Depaige Manila

19) Dainty pieces from Les Rousc

20) (Personal Favorite) Peg na peg swimsuits from NUDO

21) Trendy pieces from TwoZero

22) The Berries' Collar+Tank in diff colors

23) Victorian finds you can customize (I am in love!)

24) Junk Studio is my piece of HEAVEN on earth:

Vinyl Record Bookends

View Master Ring:

Pieces with Frida Kahlo, Harry Potter, Fight Club, and Archie Comics!!!

Mexicana pieces:

25) Collar Tips from Plus Minus Times Divide

26) Very Monroe swimsuit from Glitterati (personal favorite), and lakas makayaman cover up

27) Gorabelles! Tee from Rainbow Connection

28) Loafers flats from Posh Pocket Shoes

29) Travel Towels

30) Gold Toe Flats and Boater Shoes from Tutum

31) Bagelya by Ela rainbow satchels and oversized bags

32) 1:1 Hobo bags

Here are the things I bought that weekend:

Mint statement necklace from +Ruckus by Nikki Sunga

Deer and Sunburst Rings from Mia Casa

Loafers from Gold Dot

Polka dots dress and top from Archive Clothing

Kimonos and reversible collars from Bubbles

I seldom shop when I sell in bazaars (kuripot-mode) because I set myself na I have to earn (money-in lang), but with the recently concluded Supersale Bazaar, the BEST finds in one place, I can't stop myself from going through all the stalls! Pax and I even made sure we went through each row at different intervals so we can check out every brand present in this big bazaar. Lahat ata ng favorite online shops natin andito! Kudos and congrats again SUPERSALE BAZAAR organizers for this successful event! Everybody (sellers and buyers) went home HAPPY! :)


  1. Buti na lang hindi ako nakapunta kung hindi bankrupt na talaga ako... XD

  2. OMG I MISSED OUT ON SO MUCH!!! DAS!!! And JUNK STUDIO!!! I WANT!!! But then again... I'd be broke. Haha. Or crying if they didn't have credit card thingies to use. :p Thanks for sharing this, Ana. Even tho I'm torn between feeling good and bad right now. Haha. See you on Sat! :)

  3. Thanks for including jigsandclays sis! Am glad you like our customizable victorian pieces. i wish i were there when you came. :-)

  4. Gellie and Angel: Hahaha naku all the best finds andun mahirap talaga mag timpi lalo na theyre on SALE pa! :D

    Jessica: Wow nice to hear from you! :) I really love the concept of the customizable victorian pieces, next time Victorian naman peg ko heheh :))

  5. looks like a fun event! love all the clothes!!!


  6. I love everything you bought especially those pastel coloured necklaces!!!

  7. Ang gaganda! San po banda yan? Never been there pa eh. :(

  8. SYET!!!!! Wish I was there!!! Kung anjan siguro ako, malamang uuwi akong broke. Hahahahaha!!!

  9. Aww thanks ana! - nudo swimwear team :)

  10. Nudo- i love it! thank you also!!!
    Jam -it's a bazaar, paminsanan lang sya :/

    Thanks girls! doncha wish it's supersale weekend again! :)


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