Krispy Kreme is in Town!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I finally got to visit the new wing The Street in Alabang Town Center, the last time I went here with my family it was night time and almost all restaurants were still closed.


But today (what a perfect Saturday!) the Corte delas Palmas' new extension (connecting the exits of Makati Supermart area and the Starbucks /Powerbooks area) is open--with Krispy Kreme as one of the first stores to welcome the chill-tambay-addicts south people!


When I reached Krispy Kreme, it was like entering a big children's party! :D

True enough, Krispy Kreme is celebrating it's 75th birthday! The South of Metro takes center stage as the much-loved doughnut and coffee brand debuts its first store in Alabang.



 Sa totoo lang, when I first saw that KK is coming to town, nasabi ko talaga na FINALLY! 
“We are extremely excited to finally be able to establish a store that will better allow us to cater to the thriving community of Alabang,” Mark Gamboa, Krispy Kreme Philippines’ Marketing Director shares. 

I LOVE the tin cans and the shirts and the little cars! :D Peg na peg ko ngayon!


Like a real children's party, we took turns decorating our own doughnuts!!! :D Awesomesauce


Sweetness overload! :P


Para akong asa Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! :D

Here's Ava and cutie pie Athan: 

Krissy's choco doughnut with rainbow sprinkles:

Wearing our "party hats" hihi! :)

My turn! 

Small gloves won't fit, so they gave me the medium pair, haha!

Ms. Nica of Krispy Kreme showed me how to dip the chocolate, looks easy, but it was tough pala!

Natatawa ako coz I was the last in my group to create my doughnuts, niloloko ko na medyo nakabisado ko na! Haha!

Wag matakot to dip the doughnut, others were too afraid at nakalahati lang ang nagka chocolate, hehe!

Shake around 10x to remove excess chocolate:

Whoopsie! Sumobra! But then, the chocolatier the better! ;D

My not-so-perfect concoction! ;D Haha!

Placed cookies and cream, yuuuum! My favorite!

Proud na proud! Lol.


Anagon Choco Overload Doughnut!

Sadly, the others left early to catch the shuttle, but I get to overstay pa in Krispy Kreme Alabang Town Center with my fellow south girl Megann!

As a “Baked Creations Theater,” the new Krispy Kreme store in Alabang Town Center is the first in Metro Manila that serves the brand’s signature Baked Creations fresh from the oven, everyday. In addition, it will also dish up Krispy Kreme’s full line of premium treats including its world-famous Original Glazed Doughnuts and Signature Coffee. 

Krispy Kreme Pull Aparts for the tambays (hehe) --a good break from all the sugar rush!

And caramel cold coffee! :)

And because asa Children's Party narin ang peg of this afternoon affair...We also had our take-homes! :)

Krispy Kreme Alabang Town Center opens its doors everyday at 7 in the morning and stays open until 11 in the evening -- giving everyone plenty of time to drop by and grab their favorite treats before they head home from work or school. See you when I see you! ;)

Thank you Ava Te for this picture!


  1. Yummy!! :">


  2. Ang saya saya naman this KK event! :) Kiddie party ang feel! Saraaap! ♥


  3. Waaah. If you hadn't posted this ate I wouldn't have known na may KK na sa ATC. HAHA. And you got to design your doughnuts pa. Saya. :D

  4. Arnie: True! To be young again! :)

    Francesca: Cool nun designing part noh! :D haha!


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