Postura-Finally-Day 1: Love Thy Curves

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rule Number 1: Love your curves.

I have nothing against curvy people, but back during the day (or maybe even up to now) I want a waif-stick thin body. Maybe it's exposure to MK Olsen's fashion; whatever it is, I am not proud of this "obsession". Lately though, being exposed to Marilyn Monroe and 50s Fashion, I've learned to love not the stick thin or curvy figure---BUT LOVE WHAT I HAVE.

Speaking of loving what you have, lakas maka-segue kong iaannounce that I am finally starting on my Day 1 of the Postura Project! :D Others may be on their 10th plus day already (haha), but oh well, there's no time frame when it comes to supporting our very own, right? ;) (Defensive much, joke)

For those who aren't familiar yet -- Postura Project is a 30-day bloggers' challenge to wear something Filipino everyday! This Fashionalism challenge is the brainchild of Sarah Meier (, Arriane Serafico (, David Guison (, and Knox Balbastro ( I actually appreciate the Postura because when you think about it, a lot of the young people are into fashion right now (uso ang fashown) and most of us manage and earn from our own fashion online shops. Kung indie lang napakadami na nating ganyan ngayon, and Postura Project is a nice platform to promote these local online stores!

Other than that, I find it cool that it's a 30-day thing, as they say: It takes 30 days to form a habit. It would be great if even after all these hype, we still try to be more open in buying locally made items.


What better way to give my first Postura post an impact than wearing something I made myself? :) My red polka dots skirt of course!


My original plan was to make an A-Line skirt, but because I am not fond of pattern-making or anything OC-- The result: A semi pencil skirt! Though openly not a fan of fitted clothes because they make me uncomfortable, I actually like the skirt! Maybe the key is just the right fit!

Another Pinoy-made item I wore today: My super cute milk green necklace from RUCKUS+. This brand is owned by the young fashion blogger Nikki Sunga, who is such a sweetheart btw! :) 

Everything else:
Light Yellow Tee - Hang Ten
Thick Black Belt - My sister's
Black Ballet Flats - SM Parisian
Bag - D&B
Watch - Timex

With my beb Ava, thank you for taking my pic! This was after the fun Mosbeau event!

I know I will always be that girl in her luwag-luwagan clothes, but every once in a while maybe you'll see me donning the Monroe (hopefully complete with appeal and 'tude!). To body love, and to loving your own! :)


  1. Ang cute! Pati yung color spring na spring and dating. :) Keep it up!


  2. Daphne: HEY!! Thank you for appreciating! :) Mwah!


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