Vertical Horizon Concert!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I am finally making my dream of watching all the concerts I want this year happen! Kahit Gen Ad lang, basta mapanuod sila ng LIVE, masaya nako! Something I wasn't able to enjoy back during my studyanteng bakal years, with my measly baon and all. So after the Katy Perry, The Hanson, and Cranberries... Another high school favorite came for a visit! Watched the Vertical Horizon in Araneta Coliseum last Saturday with Krissy, Pax and Mich, and Krissy's friends Jonas and Mitch. Yup marami-rami kami ngayon!

My Vertical Horizon story is that I only know 4 songs from this band, but all of them are dear to me. Who wouldn't love Everything You Want and You're A God? Almost forgot about Echo, but realized isa to sa mga songs in my computer that I loved to sing along with but hindi ko naassociate with the band. And of course, my most favorite Vertical song is Best I Ever Had. Aside from arousing downer feelings from playing this ang-senti-masyado song, it's also the first (and only!) song I played on stage in public--in one of my college friend's debut (on guitar lang, di ako kumakanta, lol)...Back during the days when I thought I'll be the bandista type, lol. 

It was a short but sweet concert. The guy from the band Live took over the second half of the show, and wala akong alam from them. Not a song, lol! It's not so bad, though! Vertical Horizon made my night! :)

Listen to Pax's side comments, and my new Vertical favorite song by the end of the vid. Watch:

Attended the The Mall Meets the Bloggers event last April 27 in The Gallery, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. 

While having good lunch, I learned more about This site is a virtual shopping mall that serves as an online storefront for budding local brands as well as retail establishments (like an online directory of different fashion brands you'll love). Run by the same creative team that produces, gives you a fashionable take on online shopping, with its stylish selection of clothes, accessories, beauty and novelty items for women, men and kids.

I think what I like about The Mall is that its easy-to-use interface, 24/7 accessibility and comprehensive brand directory equips users with informed shopping decisions, so that browsers can become buyers. houses all stores under one roof, making it the ultimate online shopping destination for all shopaholics. Plus, who would not want to shop at the convenience of your homes, minus the crowd stress, Manila's eternal traffic, and the hindi makataong heat!

Other features of

 What a stylish afternoon with these beautiful (and fun to be with!) girls of the WWW! :)

Thank you Style Bible / The Mall for having us!

What I wore: Umaura dahil carpeted, haha! More here.

Head over to TheMall.PH to discover other cool brands! 
Leaving you with another exciting news:

Visit themall.PH! :)
Happy Online Shopping!

Bench x BDO MasterCard!

I never ever remember my dreams, but this morning was an exemption. In my unconscious I got hold of my first credit card, and swiped away, only to realize I can't pay my monthly bills (nightmare pala yun!). I wonder if in real life I can control "the plastic", or, just like that girl in my dream, I can't handle this kind of thing. Lol.

Just around a week ago, I witnessed as two of the largest local brands today--retail giant BENCH and leading bank BDO--launched the newest...what else? A co-brand credit card! I was with Paul (The PR Guy) earlier that day, so he let me tag along the event which was held in Manila Pen's Salon de Ning.

Learned that the new card is another first for BENCH on their 25th anniversary in the business (ka-age ko lang pala sila, halos). The company that first sold tshirts has since evolved into a full lifestyle brand which spans from fashion, hair products and services (who doesn't love Bench Fix!), bath and fragrances, and a women's line that includes cosmetics. 

Aside from Bench, Suyen Corporation also has a wide range of home-grown and international brands such as Aldo, Charles and Keith, Dimensione, La Senza, Patchi, Human, PCX, among others. I heard that they'll bring in Manila's first Cotton On store too, exciting! You can also use this worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted. Thus, the Bench MasterCard is positioned as the credit card of choice for the loyal brand shopper. 

The Bench MasterCard offers all the extensive BDO credit card features plus exclusive benefits!

What makes the Rewards program special is that Bench Cardholders get to redeem cash coupons that are automatically and conveniently generated with their card billing statement upon reaching 100 points. These cash coupons can be used to shop at Bench and partner stores! 

A cardholder earns double rewards points for every P200 purchase made at Bench and partner stores, and 1 point for other purchases.

Ding Dong Dantes with his Bench x BDO MasterCard:

Isabelle Daza:

A toast to Bench and BDO MasterCard, with Isabelle Daza, Sir Ben Chan, and Ding Dong Dantes:

Ma. Nanette R. Regala, BDO Senior Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Marketing Head said, "We are happy to partner with Bench on their 25th anniversary. Bench believes that Filipinos deserve world-class products and services, a philosophy we share with them."

Ben Chan, founder of Bench, enthuses, "We want to make a milestone in the brand's 25-year history with the Bench Mastercard. The exclusive discounts and perks that come with the card is a reward to loyal shoppers."

I wonder if my dream was a sign for me to sign up and get my own Bench X BDO credit card? 
For now, I am just HAPPY that I won during their bonggang event, with an even bonggang bongga premyo: P10k+ GCs from Bench and other partner brands!!!

I have to hide na from Paul, hahaha! Sinisingil niya ako for winning the GCs, e siya nagdala sa akin dun! ;P LOL!

Addicted to Scents!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Before, every time I go out, I would ask my mom if I look good, and she'll say are ugly, have you sprayed on your perfume? And then I'll remember putting on my scent, and feel that I am a handsome guy already."

I love this anecdote from Sir Arnaud Marolleau, international fragrance expert and guest speaker of Prestige Brands Masterclass in a scentsational talk last April 25 at the Romulo Cafe, Jupiter St., Makati.

The beautiful Ms. Issa Litton hosting the affair:

 I picked up quite a lot of new points from this cool French guy. Sharing some of them to you!

Have you heard of Musk, Ambergris, and Civette in in your perfume?

They are actually from animals, some old-time components of perfume, which are actually:

Musk - Bull balls sweat
Ambergris - whale sperms
Civette - Cat piss

But fortunately for us:

...They do not use animal by-products in perfumes anymore. So instead of using real bull balls sweat, whale sperms, and cat piss, the experts make synthetic versions through a great invention (that copies scents) called the Head Space.

These are the most popularly imitated scents that people really go ga-ga with:
For the women: Baby smell!
For the men: Smell of new car!

Ms. Issa amazed with the tidbits and trivia from Sir Arnaud!

More interesting points:

  • Another thing is that "Humidity is the vampire of scents"--and living in a very humid country, the dragging power of our perfume lasts a bit shorter compared to using it in colder climates or if you stay in an air conditioned room.

  • Scents change your mood. So if you want to feel something specific, choose a perfume that would help you become that. One example was, if you want to appear business-y, serious, and ready for a job, you have to spritz on a woody, oriental scent.

  • Meaning, you don't have to have just one "signature", "this is me!" perfume. You can have as many as you want, and use them as your INVISIBLE ACCESSORY everyday. :) 

A demo and Dos and Don'ts on spraying your scent:


I'm an Aquarius! And you are?

We then toured around and checked out the different perfume brands of Prestige:

Shoeholics! This one's for you: Nine West's new perfume that goes with....

...A pair of classic black pumps!

Cute newspaper printed umbrella!

Super giddy that we took home some of Prestige Brands Philippines' perfumes by Oscar de la Renta, Mont Blanc Legend, Moschino I Love Love, and Versace Yellow Diamond!

Currently into Moschino I Love Love, care to share your favorite scents? :)

I'm tired but I'm happy :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeling extra tired today. I hate complaining about feeling tired while some people really have busy office hours, but then awhile ago I can't pretend that I am okay as exhaustion took over me. I lacked sleep because I can't seem to get a shut-eye last night just because I have to wake up early today (sakit ko ata yun, yung tipong hindi ako makatulog pag kailangan kong maaga magising! :P). Add to all the stress is Manila's walang patalong heat! Parusa!!!

Anyway, dragged myself to finally exercise in the morning before heading to faraway Eastwood for the Stylebible.PH's The Mall event. Took this fashown event as a sign na makapag heels uli! Matagal tagal nadin!

Lakas Makayaman Long Robe - Forever 21
Tribal Dress - Ginupit ko yung Tomato Maxi Dress that I wore HERE
Watch and Necklace - SM Accessories
Nude Wedges - SM Parisian
Thank you Pax for my pictures!

Even though I wasn't my best self ago, I still had a great time hanging out again with my clingy girlfriends Pax and Sarah! :) After the The Mall event, we headed to Sarah's house, and then after awhile, had a looong cab ride to Glorietta (Nakakatulog na yun cab driver sa oa traffic! Hindi lang pala ako ang pagod! Kawawa! :P)

Changed into my t-shirt in the afternoon para comfy. :P

We accompanied Pax during her styling pull-outs after we drowned ourselves with BK goodness (floats, onion rings, fries, burgers, etcetera), and then eventually went ahead because my dad was already in Landmark (para free ride, lol). In our car, I texted Pax and Sarah to tell them I am sorry at groggy and moody na kanina. 

....Unbelievably, they both replied with "Okay lang, sanay na ako sayo!" and "K lang, sanay na!"

HAHAHA! Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako o mas lalong mahihiya! ;P During our long cab ride, I kept pretending ako ang hindi clingy sa kanila, pero kung alam nyo lang--Ako na ata ang Queen Clingy! Hahaha! See you again gals tomorrow!!! :)

Ending with this post with a phrase that I will never get tired of posting: Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! WOOT WOOT!

Some kind of Superhuman

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Donned an ensemble yesterday that made Angel reserve my dress kahit hindi ko pa siya binebenta (lol)

I was thinking more of the Philippine Flag (sun rays as my necklace, o diba?), but Paul and Angel thought I dressed up as Wonder Woman. Pwede na din--first day naman ng showing ng Avengers, lol!

Before anything, let me (awkwardly) greet The Fashionista Commuter blog a HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY! Super saya that back then I wouldn't even tell my friends about this blog, and now I gained MORE friends because of this online tambayan. Now, tignan niyo naman ang first entry ko (and outfit pics!) - Hehehe!

I miss my black hair haha!
To more years, cheers? CHEERS!

First ganap: PF Changs' in Alabang Town Center:

Accompanied my blog friend Angel to a lunch and makeover session she won through Blood Rush.
I also met the pretty and cool Blood Rush blog kids: Celine, Jay, and Afianne!

My first time in PF Changs, interesting interiors: 

Sucker for "special sauce" 

Not your ordinary iced tea, this is TAMARIND iced tea! :D

Vegetarian spring rolls na bagay sa "special sauce"

My favorite, the fried rice! :) I love flavored rice talaga.

After the heavy lunch, headed to Azta Urban Salon (still in ATC) for Angel's makeover!

Ombre-ing an already cool shaved head! Doble dobleng cool na? Lol! 

Angel enjoyed the dry shampoo thingie, only by Azta!

A photo with the stylish and sweet Afianne, before leaving Angel and Alabang for more ganaps that day!

I also went to a scents event c/o Prestige Philippines and then crashed to the Bench event as "best friend" Paul's "date" where I won P12,500 GCs (epic!!!), but I'll talk more about those ganaps in separate posts. For now, leaving you with more food pictures from our Heaven N Eggs dinner, post-events:

Tired from a whole day of happenings (separate, and together), but still, managed to go crazy and mag hiritan pa ng wagas inside a quiet restaurant. Hahaha! 

Ang dami kong arguments about being a fashion blogger and being materialistic and all that echuserang issues, plus I want to go sentimental again just because it's another new year for my blog---but I already had 3 years of doing just that, so I'll spare you today ng aking EmoGon side (hehe). Isa lang masasabi ko (forgive me), if there's anything good that came out from being a blogger, it's having YOU as my friends. :) 

....AYYYY sabi ng di nako hihirit e hahahaha!

Peace, love, and happiness to you you and youuuu! :)