Fashion Roadtrip Third Stop: The Flat Shop

Monday, May 14, 2012

My second Fashion Roadtrip story ended with a picture of our ride going to our third and final destination:

What was inside this van:

Aside from the kaguley "kids" inside the 20-seater shuttle, there's a flat screen TV where the organizers presented our next stop which is The Flat Shop, a store in Green Hills:

We were also grouped into "VNC" group and "TLTSN" group, and played a game involving movies and animal sounds. We didn't win the game, so I won't be blogging much about it na (Chos lang! ;D). It was a cool roadtrip activity, though, and ang game lang ng lahat--feel na feel ko we were winning while exchanging high fives with my team! ;D

I was super hyper that time, look what happened to my necklace (hahaha harot kasi)

Upon reaching Green Hills: (bye fun van!)

We were welcomed by The Flat Shop with garlands and mango shakes--resort vibes!

The Flat Shop carries different brands of shoes, a one-stop boutique carrying all-flat footwear!

One of these brands is TKEES, a favorite of Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Lea Michele:

Flex Flop is also a cute brand of foldable slippers you can easily pack and bring with you during slumber parties:

Light-weight and ultra-comfy Butterfly Twists in snakeskin print:

Bejeweled Fitflops:

Palladium boots:

Anthology flats in yummy candy colors:

Quilt shoes in teal and tangerine! :D

Two-tone sandals, also from Anthology:

My ate's favorite, Melissa shoes:

Lovin' the cute ballet flats with owl detail!

Which Disney Villain are you? :D

Bows are one of my weaknesses: 

"We are all mad here!"--especially after seeing these Alice in Wonderland Melissa Shoes!

I love these designs:

Pax and Sarah lovin' the candy scent of a Melissa! But wait, Anthology shoe yan a Sarah! Haha!

Tied with printed ribbons! Fun sandals, also from Melissa:

Tried out a pair of Girl Two Doors Down / Down Boy:

Loved by celebrities like Eva Longoria and Halle Berry, these crystal-studded flip flops are for the ladies who are not the girl next door, but much sexier - the girl two doors down.

Created by jewelry designer Robbie Bernstein, here are some of the available designs in The Flat Shop:

Almost got this pair, dahil lakas maka "Goth Boho", hehehehe:

Instead, with Sarah's advice, I got the very classy fleur de lis pair (worn in this post):

The winners of the first-to-tweet game for this stop: Marj and Verniece,! Krissy won the Early Bird award! :) They all brought home a pair of Flex Flop of their choice!

My Fashion Roadtrip friends: Vern Enciso, Verniece Enciso, Krissy Cruz, Ava Te, Tracy Ayson, Aisa Ipac, Sarah Tirona, Rowena Lei, and Marj Sia! I had fun, classmates! :)

Playing with our garlands, hahahaha pwede na bang pang ANTM!? ;D

I really appreciate events like this where I really get to talk with my blogger friends, have fun, and at the same time, learn more about the brands and appreciate their products. I really like the concept of The Flat Shop where they bring together all flat footwear brands--both local and foreign--in one roof! A great destination for the fashionista commuters who just don't aim for fashion, but also for comfort. 

Went home with all these! Thank you Fashion Authority!

First Fashion Roadtrip was a success! :) If you missed the other posts, you can read on our first stops in VNC and The Little Thing She Needs.

Get updates and more info on The Flat Shop by following their sites and

Till the next FASHION ROADTRIP! :)


  1. Wow ang fun naman! Parang ang sarap sumakay sa bus na yun! hahaha

  2. hahaha, naputol pala necklace mo? di ko napansin :P and yea, amoy paa yung anthology! hahaha,sinukat mo ata! lol jk :) i miss you...#clingy

    1. Hahahhaa panalo yun necklace napansin ko nalang nun natahimik na tayo, nakakahiya pero nakakatawa na caught sa picture! ;D Miss you too! :)

  3. You guys are so lucky!

    1. Thank you! :) May luck be with your also! :)


  5. you proved us that you don't really need to be fashionable to be a fashion blogger. you're so inspiring!!!! you just have to be yourself...

    1. Hahaha thank you? :) Naku I try to be fashionable in my own way, which I think should be the goal of everyone :) Incorporate your own style to what is fashionable :)

  6. Wow! how much shoes dyan??? I NEED the owl one, the Disney villains one and the Alice one in my life. haha. Saan meron nyan?!??!?!?!! How come i've never heard of it?!?!?!


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