Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

While most people will be saying 'Thank you', 'I love you' or even 'I'm sorry' to their moms on this special day, Dove Men + Care wanted to challenge men to man up and pay tribute to their moms for the impact she had made in their lives. We asked several men to step out of their comfort zones and say the three most difficult words to say that their moms have been longing to hear: Mom, you were right.

We are sharing with you the heartwarming, funny and tearjerking audio clips of what happened during Dove Men + Care's "Mom You Were Right" call-in challenge on RX 93.1's Morning Rush with Chico, Delamar and Gino: 

If you find it challenging enough for you or your friends, do share your own #MomYouWereRight messages to @DoveMenPH and share the video! We'd be glad to commemorate this day for mothers and the Real Men who love them!

Meanwhile, one of my favorite mommy fashion blogger Ms. Denise Katipunera is having a BIG Mother's Day Sale on her shoessss! :) Check out the details below! :) ( -

And lastly, instead of going to the store and buying your mom a predictable gift... why not sit down and take time to write an old-fashioned  note to express your gratitude for everything she has done for you? 

Don’t be afraid to get creative in starting with this project. Use Post-it® Cube Notes that come in different sizes and varied colors to fill up your jar. You can also opt to use Post-it® Notes in assorted neon or pastel colors to write down each loving note. Decorate the jar as well with ribbons, acrylic paint or glitter glue. Even after Mother’s Day, you can continuously leave the jar and a pad of Post-it® Notes on the kitchen or anywhere accessible to the entire family and start collecting 365 days worth of love notes from everyone.

Hope you made your mom feel special today, if not, there's always tomorrow, and the days after tomorrow. :) To all the mothers in this world, thank you for loving us UNCONDITIONALLY! Happy Mother's Day!

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