Lorys Saves the Day!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

This photo was taken yesterday:
Tignan niyo nga naman, flat, lifeless, wa-poise hair. :P 

I hate this habit, but when my bangs won't cooperate, and ang init init lang talaga ng feeling because my limp hair clings to my nape, I'd rather wear it in a lola ponytail fashion. :P Aside from that, feel ko kailangan ko lang talaga ng haircut!

*Enter Lorys Hair Cream*

Available variants are:
LORYS Snake Oil
Lorys Chocolate
LORYS Shea Butter
LORYS Fruit Cocktail
LORYS Ceramides

This Brazilian product is very dear to bloggers like me, since the brand actively participates in Bloggers United (they'll join again this June! :)). I love that:

- You can use Lorys Hair Cream as everyday conditioner, or as a special conditioning treatment by leaving it on for 15 minutes with shower cap before rinsing. 

- The products are reasonably priced (a 450g tub for only P185, and a 1000g of Lorys for only P350!), and matagal mo na magagamit! :)

Though the only thing that feel ko needs improvement is the packaging: Medyo hirap me to open the thin navy cap when my hands are already wet and soapy. I just leave the cap unscrewed, as in nakapatong lang sa opening, hehe (do you think masama to sa product? :P).

Dubbed to "enhance the growth and density of your hair and restores its natural shine and softness", I used my tub of Lorys Hair Cream as conditioner awhile ago and see its instant effect to my lifeless hair. First of all, I love its creamy texture and yummy scent (smells like cocoa!). Other than that, ang cool lang that a conditioner rinses of easily. Medyo pet peeve ko yung parang "hindi pa nag banlaw" feeling na your body usually gets from using hair conditioners.

The Result:
Hanep sa close up pic noh! Lol, ID pic nato! Hehehe!

The crowning glory got a bit of volume and shine (compared naman sa kahapon! Lol)... And I love that nagpakita na uli si soft side swept bangs ko (hehe). Must use Lorys more constantly, though baka magka build-ups so siguro every 2 days will do. Thank you Lorys Hair Cream, feeling ko lang in this picture I just had a haircut! :D


  1. I love Lorys too especially the snake oil one, Ana! :)


    1. I want to try that nadin tuloy! :) Next after this! :))) Thank you Gemnikka! :)

  2. Where can I buy that Ms. Ana? Lifeless din po yung hair ko e haha :)

    1. They have in several department stores and groceries, meron sa mga shopwise, landmark, etc :)

  3. that's what i feel about conditioners too. parang kulang sa banlaw eh naubos mo na ang tubig sa angat dam! hehehehe


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