Make Your Own Havaianas 2012!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Felt so lousy lately. Not lousy-dresser-Anagon, which is pretty normal to me after years of ogling and wishing I dress like Mary Kate Olsen, but lousy from head to toe! I need a hair cut / makeover / kilay threading / fitness membership (sluggish and gaining weight na) / spa-relax day --or I might just snap and get tired na of all these! Been hearing burnouts here and there, I have to make sure I still have that balance that makes people sane!

Anywaaaay, napaka habang segue....

So last night was the Make Your Own Havaianas Media Launch in the Rockwell tent. I wasn't planning to go out yesterday, but then I got an email late Monday that I won their bloggers promo! Yey!

Got a bit nostalgic and remembered my first MYOH experience was also on a media night. My seatmate back in college (Nizzi!) who then worked for a magazine invited me with her because her officemate was absent! :)

Slippers, slippers, and more slippers in all colors and sizes covered the walls of the venue:

COLORS! :D Pano ka naman makakadecide, everything's so pretty!

Saw the beautiful Verniece and Vern with their bro! :) Like me, it was their first time to bring their kapatid in the event:

My plus one was my Ate, na sobrang funny coz she kept on getting food after food from the roving trays. Wala siyang pake! And sobrang funny moment was when she saw Patty Laurel, dahil big fan siya of Ms. Patty's blog and even call her "Idol Patty!" Hahaha!

It was great to see familiar faces: pretty Jackie Go and Kelly Medina, and Aivan Magno:

Also spotted the pretty Lexi Gancayo:

The stylish Ms. Lana of

Nicole Santos and her sister (it was a bring-your-siblings event nga! Haha!)

And the beautiful pair: my forever favorite Saab Magalona with Jim of the band Ernville! :)

Before the program started, I decided to fill up na my very mabusisi MYOH form:

Here's one of the spin-wheel thing where you can choose (and test) your slippers' color combination and matching pins:

On a MYOH, you'll be given this form where you have to mark what colors you prefer for your straps and sole, what type of Havaianas flip flops you want (Top, Fit, Slim)...

And of course, the exclusive pins! This year they have the following designs:

Program started with a nice vid presentation, Sweet Disposition as bg music which reminded me nanaman of Abi's wedding :) :

Program's Host:

I love the sand art part, ang awesome lang:

Philippine Futkal:

Great Brazilian music:

And of course may Zumba! :D

Before the program started, my alagang Ate was approached by one of the Zumba team, asking if she wants to dance with him onstage! Hahaha natawa na talaga ako sa role ni Ate as my plus one! Buti nalang she declined politely, kundi mababaliw nako when I see her Zumba-ing in public! Para akong may alagang bata! ;D

UE pep squad danced in their "Havs":

Congrats Team Havaianas for the successful event!

Celebration, "Cheers" and Confetti filled the venue! :)

More wine for the guests:

They also have vegetarian pikas pala! :) So I had some while waiting for my slippers:

I was first in my "booth"! :)
My pair was perfectly assembled by Noelle, thank you! :)


Also saw my kabarkada Geo's sister, Gillian! :) The "makers" are actually young people and eto ang kanilang summer job, ang cool lang sayang hindi ako nag ganito noon!: )

I chose 6 bow pins for my red-black Havaianas, para medyo nautical parin ang feel:

Here's Ate's flip flops in baby colors! :) Cute! Natawa lang ako bat may PAX, hahaha, akala ko si Aisa Ipac, yun pala for peace daw at sabi sa kaniya ng assembler niya hindi kasya yun word. :P

The Gang: Paul Chuapoco, Angel Rodriguez, Kelly Medina, Jackie Go, Nicole Santos, and Aivan Magno:

photo from

Showing off our new Havaianas!

Win sakin was Kelly Medina's neon pair! :)

And!!! Here's my new pin-up / nautical Havaianas:
photo from

Celebrate 50 years of carefree personalized fashion! Make Your Own Havaianas from May 10 to 14, 10am onwards, at the Rockwell Tent. Check out for more info and updates! :) Share to me what you came up with, ok? :)


  1. It was lovely meeting you Ana! :) Hoping to see you soon in other events! Bitin our chikahan we were so busy/ngarag picking our slippers! :)

  2. It was nice to see you there Ana! I came in so late I almost didn't get to see any of the other bloggers you took photos of! Our pics turned out blurred too :( I might just steal from you ok? :)

    And please, call me Lana. Feeling ko super ATE naman ako! May "Ms." pa!

  3. Wow! Super fun Ate Ana! How much yung registration fee nila? Unli pins ba yan? Hehe! :))

  4. much po yung pins?

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