Bar Dolci with the Gang!

Monday, June 25, 2012

 I love this picture...

...Aside from humahangin hangin hair effects, ang cute ng may mga nag hahabulang dogs pa sa background (hihi)

Red Shirt - H&M
Denim Skirt - a proud DIY with Sarah Tirona!!!
Brown Belt - Mango
Watch - Pop Swatch
Silver Shoes - Toms

 Went to Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle, The Fort Taguig a few days ago with the gang (sa day na binansagang National Events Day)
Papa Paul, Sarah, Twin Reg, Krissy, Mother Earth, and Pax

Bongga! Go Bar Dolci, branch out na sa ATC! Hehe..

Nagkataong that day din super daming ganaps, so in between all the happenings, socializing, and location-hopping, masaya for me to just chill with people I am comfortable with...

Bar Dolci is most known for their gelato!

Reg invited us over to try out the new items in Bar Dolci's menu. Aside from blogger duties, parang despedida nadin ni Twin ito because she's leaving for SG na for work :( 

What we had:

Frappelato (P230) - gelato nila converted into shake. Super bet the Ferrero!!!

Ricotta Strawberry Bruchetta (P180/2pcs) - I am amused with the mix of jam and cheese, lakas maka main course and dessert in one bite (lol)

Quiche (P180/slice) - iavail ito in all 4 flavors: Lorraine, Bacon and Spinach, Tomato and Basil, and Roquefort ... Cafe World ang peg:

Tinitigan nalang ni Sarah di alam kung anong Quiche ang uunahin:

Dinaan sa tawa!

Sarah: "Ok pagod nako" Lol

Sandwiches - Turkey and Brie (P260), Tomato and Cheese (P180), Honey Porkloin with Marinated Apples (P240)

Vegetarian sandwich! Ang saya ko na niyan! ;)


Gelato Burger (P120) - Para maiba, they created an ice cream sandwich made with their own pandesal and gelato:

Best indulged while hot pa yun bread. (U-huh!)

In between bites, eto ang naging entertainment namin (lol)

Di ko maipinta face ni Twin Reg hahaha (joke lang Paul! ;D)

Second dessert? :D OVKORS we need to have Bar Dolci's auth Macarons (P50)!

Best seller nila: Salted Caramel! I LOVE SWEETS! :P Lagot nako sa dentist ko (lol)

The aftermath: 

Bagong motto in life natin guys sa kainan:

The bloggers (minus me, huhu) with Bar Dolci team. Thank you for having us!

Mother Earth, Beb Ava, Twin Reg, Krissy, Pax, Sarah, BFF Paul

What I LOVE most about Bar Dolci is that everything in their menu, kanila talaga. Pati breads nila and gelatos nila sila may gawa talaga (from scratch). I love tambay places, and minsan super sikip na sa coffee shops... Kaya I appreciate cafes like Bar Dolci na masarap din ang food and drinks plus nag seserve ng variety (hindi lang panay sweets sa menu).

And yung miracle na napagather kaming lahat that afternoon, it's because of my Twin Reg. I know you wouldn't want dramas (and anubey pupuntahan ka pa namin sa SG noh! :)) but mamimiss ko lang yung laki ng smile mo whenever we see each other (and then force me sa isang pout-Olsen-pic natin together, hahaha). I'll miss "the better twin" na confident and always happy. :) I learned a lot from you! See you soon Ashley!!!

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  1. Awwww ♥♥

    Alam mo ba super nag-crave ako sa Strawberry Bruschetta this morning? As in!! I want. Sana they open a branch in QC rin!

    Borrow photos ng gelato and group shots sis please? :)

    PS: Bet ko pics ko here.. Gets mo na yun mwahahaha ;D

  2. Aww! Cute post, Ana! How come I never catch you guys here, when I literally live above Bar Dolci :(

  3. waaaah naiyak naman ako haha, mamimiss ko si Reg! bisitahin natin sa SG one time sama sama tayo hahaha!


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