Daddy's Girl :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I love this picture of me and my dad.:

I love that it somehow shows how much I lean on to him in almost all things ...And my dear dad, whatever it is I am concerned of, will always always be more than willing to be there for me and my sisters and my mom throughout these years...kahit hindi ko hilingin. Unconditionally. I can never imagine any man who will do the same for me!

I admit I am still on the look out for my prince, but I always feel I am already a lucky girl to have my king. 

My "closet" number 1 fan, inemail pa niya sakin tong pic before hehe:

Dad tried to teach me this song (guitar) for a performance before, but I never learned it.
Naging jamming session nalang namin yun, hehehe:
Feel good song :)

To the original hippie...
Love you daddykins, Happy Father's Day! :)


  1. Aww..your lucky to have a sweet dad..Happy Father's day to your dad and to all dads


    1. I am! :) Thank you Lailane! :) To yours too! :))

  2. Hi Ana! I just love how sweet your parents are to you. Parang niremind lang ako nong Harry Potter post if Im not mistaken. The one they took to show you when they're abroad cause they know you'll be pleased about it. Now, this one naman. Fan na fan si pader.

    You're so lucky to have him still around.. and to say super sweet at no.1 fan talaga.
    Happy Father's day to you sir, to Ana's dad!
    Ana's so lucky to have you.

    P.S. May contest ba ulit ng pasarapan ng luto? then si daddy naman ang judge. Parang meron kayo ng ganon pag mother's day nga ba?

    - Belle

    1. Belle!!! I miss your comments! :) Natawa naman ako oo naalala ko yun Harry Potter pic sa europe hehehe! :) And yun cooking contest every new year! :) Ngayon eat out lang hihihi :) Papalibre nanaman mga yan for sure! ;D Happy father's day to your dad toooo!

    2. I've miss blogging too. And bombarding your posts with a lot of comments. :D
      ah new year pala yun. he he.. :D I'm sure you had a fun fun celebration with your dad.

      (Lost mine 5 years ago, but visited him and brought some flowers) Kiss your dad for me. or hug him whichever feels more comfy for you. lol. Missin' mine. A lot! :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sarah! :) The parentals like you :)

  4. no wonder you love the first photo - it's so emotional. the connection of you two here is very strong!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. great blog, I'm following you now

  5. Awww so sweet naman.. Too bad I didn't get the chance to meet your parents in person! Feeling ko super cool nila eh! Hehe.. Miss you Ana! Belated happy Fathers day to your Dad!!! :)

    1. I knooow! Oo nga noh! I am sure magugustuhan ka nila like si Pax! :) Happy Fathers Day din to your dad, Honey!!!


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