Pyjama Weather / The Perils of Commuting

Monday, June 18, 2012

An outfitey from weeks back... matawag nga natin tong pyjama weather look, hehehe:

Men's White Tee - Jockey
Necklace - Love Diva
Polka Dots "Pyjama-ish" Trousers - Kashieca
Black Cardigan - my mom's
Thin Tiny Black Watch - my mom's
Skulls Bracelets - Anagon
Brown Loafers - Hush Puppies 

These days, ang lakas man maka-emo, I really love seeing people layering again, taking out their sweaters, jackets, blazers, scarves, bonnet, and kahit ang bonggang windbreakers from their closets to brave the Metro's gadelubyo rains! Yesterday, I went out with Krissy, Pax, and Mich to Eastwood for good dinner, drinks, and videoke!

Excited si Pax! Haha!

Walang agawang mic! Lol! Hello Pax, Krissy, and Mich!

Kasama naman ako this time! At home lang si Krissy sa Red Box, hehe:

Our playlist: Lakas maka Teacher's Day ng Wind Beneath My Wings! Lol:

Anyareh kay Krissy! Haha!

Ok, parang lahat ng videoke rooms na dinaanan ko pa-CR kinanta to!

Hindi ko din minsan gets trip namin, hahaha

We all slept over Pax's place:

And almost didn't want to get up the next day...nagutom nalang kami kaya bumangon and napa-Yabu:

We also had Red Mango My Favorite...with Reg this time!


Side Story: The Perils of Commuting

A few days ago, I woke up with an unusual landline call from a dear friend. I learned that she almost got kidnapped on her cab ride from Greenhills. After shopping, she got in a cab going to Cardinal, and then after a while narealize niya na ang tagal na ng byahe nya and hindi na yun ang routa going to her destination. She started texting her friends na for the cab's plate number...Only to realize na naka electric tape yung mga supposed signs inside the cab! She was already scared, naalala nya na going in the cab earlier.. she had to go around the car to get in nun hindi maopen yun isang door. Then out of nowhere two men entered the working door--she plunged herself out of the door, halfway out...Although the two men struggled to keep her in the moving car. She fought her way out, gone hysterical, and didn't stopped screaming, anything to catch attention. The men told her wag ka magulo, but she didn't stopped screaming, she told me she was even ready kung mag labas na sila ng gun or weapon. Hindi niya alam how but she was able to struggle her way through the big guys holding her, and tumbled out of the car, and hindi na niya naisip if mahit and run siya basta makalabas lang. She didn't know how she was able to go out, but we are all just thankful that although she left all her gadgets, med books, money, bag, IDs, inside the cab...She was able to go out of the whole situation in one piece! Sobrang nakakatrauma lang, but thank You Lord my friend is alive!

I am blogging this as warning to my fellow commuters because the world isn't so safe after all. I always trust that I can go home through commute from super far places the past weeks...But with my friend's story, I have to be more cautious and alert. Going to Eastwood yesterday sobrang jumpy ko commuting hindi ako basta makasakay ng cab! To think this happened ng 8pm, pano pa sa mga past 11 kong mga uwi after events or gimmicks! Always be cautious guys, be ready for unexpected circumstances, pray! Kung pwede, take trusted cabs nalang, like yun Basic, MGE, or Nine Stars. Lock your doors, and text plate kaagad to your family and friends..or tweet! 

Stay Safe, Fashionista Commuters!!!


  1. Oh my gosh Ana!!! Nakakatakot yung kwento!! Buti nalang your friend got away, THANK GOD!!! Dios ko po, lagi pa naman ako nasa Greenhills nun.. And lagi akong (TAYO) late umuuwi, thank God lang talaga at hindi tayo nakaranas ng ganyan.. Please be safe lagi! Nakaka praning talaga..

    Anyway, I just have to say that I super love your "pyjama"!! Parang sobrang presko :) Maulan na dyan, dito super init pa din, sakit sa ulo!

  2. Honey!!! Super naloka din ako dun, medyo kahit hindi sakin nanyari, sobrang trauma ako mag cab lately. :S
    Hahaha naku eto maaraw nanaman uli today! ;P Mas bipolar pa sakin tong weather ng Pinas! Lol

  3. I love your PJ pants! Hehe :)
    And thanks for sharing your friend's experience!


  4. Ohmygosh anyare sa akin nga?? Hahaha!
    Weeeh ice cream socks ♥
    Super love ko yan Kashieca trousers mo sis, I wanna buy din!! Meron pa kaya? :)
    And I'm really glad Marj is fine.
    Stay safe sis! See you on Thursday!

    PS: Paging Pax, pwede maki-sleep over uli after Opus? ;D

  5. after that fun photos, shocking naman ng kwento mo! take care everyone, just make sure before you ride the cab, walang nagtatagong guy sa front seat at check the speakers at the back kung natatanggal. dun kasi sila nagtatago. safer to ride MGE cab :)

  6. Ana, ang cute ng pants mo! And ang saya niyo lang nina pax. Ang saya kaya kantahin ng A Whole New World! btw, sorry to hear about the bad luck of your friend. Yikes! Katakot! :?


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