KITSHO: Restaurant and Sake Bar

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I LOVE Japanese rolls--yung mga California Maki, Tamago, super bet ko sila (tinatanggal ko nalang yung crabsticks) nakakailan ako nalilimutan kong kanin nga pala siya (lol carbs overload). I think it's the good Kikoman-Wasabi combo! Adik ako jan!

Had a fancy lunch date with my blogger friends Paul, Tracy, Pax, and Ava in KITSHO Restaurant and Bar.
A photo with the Chef. I love the artificial cherry blossom tree that welcomes you when you entered the restaurant:

This is the Japanese restaurant located in Traders Hotel Manila (kapatid ng Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts)

They have private rooms with traditional Japanese interiors, perfect for family dinners! 
Room costs P7k consumable:

A cozy bar area! Bottle of sake nalang reminiscent na of Murakami novels. :)

And elegant set-up with beautiful couches to accommodate dates and groups:

Visible kitchen area (I love that anything Japanese means clean and OC)

Now on to our fooood...Sabi nga ng table top display: BE READY!

With Ms. Princess and Joan of Traders Hotel:

My gals Ava, Pax, and Tracy:

I love the set-up! So neat..

I had mango shake:

First out: Sashimi Moriawase (P1100)

Raw goodies. Daddykins LOVES salmon and tuna, hope I can bring him here minsan..

Take Nigiri Sushi (P850)

And because I told Ms. Princess that I'm a vegetarian, she ordered a separate plate for me!
My FAVORITES!!! Tamago and Vegetarian Maki!!! :D (With the Kikoman-Wasabi sauce, of course! ;))

Spinach with sesame sauce as my main ulan. I love how they prepared this, the spinach leaves were compressed to form a heart-shape:

...Super bagay with the Japanese rice:

What is a Japanese restaurant without Tempura? :) I LOVE the sauce that comes with these:

Uni Tempura (P320)

I also ordered the sobrang fresh Mixed Vegetables Hot Pot, no one tried it but it is super sarap. Sayang the serving size is too big for solo order, but mabuti na kesa bitin! I remember its soup, maulan pa naman ngayon...

Cute taho-ish dish called Chawanmushi (P280)

I wasn't able to ushoso about these other two ulams for the non-vegetarians. I just recalled Tracy forgetting her name when she took a bite of the Wagyu Sirloin Steak. As in! Nabaliw si girl, parang Love at first taste and wala na, ang taas na daw ng standards niya sa Wagyu! Hehehe...

Salmon Tartaryaki (P480)

There is always room for dessert: Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream and Green Tea Ice Cream:

Dobon Mushi time to drown everything. Classic Japanese soup served like tea, enjoyed with a tinge of lemon. I love Japanese meals na talaga:

Thank you Chef for preparing our lovely lunch! It is an honor also to meet a FUGU licensed chef! In short, he is one of the few who mastered the preparation of FUGU (Japanese poisonous fish aka Fish of Death--seriously!)... This takes 3-5 years of training...kundi malalason yung kakain! Ang hardcore!

Happy Tummy = Happy People :) Did you know that KITSHO means HAPPINESS? :)

I am no food-expert and vegetarian pa ako, but I recommend KITSHO for the experience. I love the  traditional Japanese resto feel, the fine ambiance, and most especially the variety of classic Japanese dishes in their menu--kung ano ang Japanese craving mo, they have it! And authentic at that! ;)

KITSHO Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar is located in Traders Hotel Manila
3001 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
For more information and updates, visit and follow them on Facebook


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