JC Buendia for KASHIECA!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First of all, kelangan ko lang sabihin that I spent most of the P12k+ GCs I won from the Bench X BDO event months ago in KASHIECA. I love this store, if you know me, peg ko most of their pieces!

Aside from the clothes, bet ko din talaga their store look! I love the rustic, victorian-ish charm you'll be immersed in once you entered a KASHIECA boutique:

Kashieca also carries lovely (yup, lovely talaga!) bags and belts...

Eyeing the big black tassel belt!

Oversized totes are my best friends <3

 I think I fell in love with Kashieca dahil pa-gurl ang feel nya. :) With my wapoise lakad and body type, kelangan sakin manamit ng girly girl hehe ;P

I am always magnetized with anything polka dots <3

Not used to wearing pants, but I love this pair of trousers and its deets:

I will forever be the "Library Girl" type. (Loafers Rule!)
If student pa ako now, you'll spot me sa lib wearing this CUTE and cozy floral cardigan (with matching geek glasses, hehe)

Floral deets! <3

I think kelangan ko ng new brown bag when I saw this (kelangan talaga!)

In love with their accessories section na may parang chandelier effects sa wall...sosy!
I want this in my room (lahat nalang sa room ko talaga, sorry na planning a space makeover!)

In this afternoon shopping event, the bloggers also had a meet-and-greet with THE JC Buendia. I really look up to our local designers, and what an honor to come face-to-face with one of my idols! 

I always admire Bench team for collaborating with our local fashion designers. I find this sobrang supportive of them to our very own talents. And always, the output turns out to be very promising AND exciting! :)

Some of my favorite JC Buendia x Kashieca pieces:

Shopping is always a party when with these ladies:

Sarah Tirona and Tin Iglesias

Krissy Cruz, Verniece Enciso, and Vern Enciso

Kai Romero and Jen Maslang

Arnie Villanueva and Kat Valdez

Keigh Jalbuena

Tracy Ayson and her friend Teena Tan

 KASHIECA Team with JC Buendia: Thank you for the fun affair!

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  1. Can't wait to see you on your Kashieca ensemble, Ana. :D Kaaliw talaga, everytime I see dresses na may polka dots, I remember you and Krissy. Idk why! :) Haha always good to be with youuu ♥


    1. Salamat! :) Watch out gurl! ;) Hehehe thank youu likewise sayo Arnie!!! :)


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