Malayo ka pa ba?


The Waiting Game.

Sit wherever, it gets tiring...

Text and text, entertain yourself.

Hide? More of hibernate. (Rest!)

Pack everything that you might need! (literally, figuratively)
Oversized Black Tunic with embroidery and beads deets - Ukay find!
Old rosary and tusk necklaces
Watch - Aldo
Bracelet - Yhansy
Oversized Leopard Bag - Avon
Black Wedges - Crocs 

Be present. Search from left to right.

If all else fails...

....Get by. Smile. Live. :)

Hello hello world! Trying to get over my Sponge Cola hangover, after watching their gig two nights ago in Rico Blanco's new bar in Ortigas. My post's title came from their song Makapiling Ka. The band didn't perform this that night, but super love ko to. Parang ang Happy Song niya (melody) kahit na, really, how can The Waiting Game be happy?

Pagdilat, ikaw agad ang hinahanap sa umaga
Nasaan ka na? Malayo ka pa ba?
Kay tagal ng iyong pagbabalik

Felt like the weekend nung past days. Didn't go home, and instead, spent hours with my blog bff, the famous Aisa Ipac! Hehe. Some kwentos...

We had late lunch (as in mga 5pm, haha) in Mexicali! My favorite!

Testing her new Olympus camera! :) She's convincing me to buy a twin camera, parang friendship camera lang, haha!

Saw Tracy Ayson while strolling around F21! Had superlong coffee break in Blenz. Lumipas ang oras.. :)

I told you Aisa Ipac is famous! Haha! A reader approached her, and even removed her necklace and gave it to Pax nung cinompliment lang ni Ateng ito! Win!
Pax: Ay ang ganda din niyang dress mo! Niyang belt mo! Chos lang! Hehehe.

Stylist Tracy playing around with my floral wreath! Oo gurl ikaw na ang pretty! Pahawa naman! Lol.

I also had mani-pedi in Nisce Mega Mall. Super love their service! Here's me showing off my freshly painted red nails...the polish is called Soulmate by Orly! Lovet, ang cheesy! Hehe.

Had dinner in Eat & Go with the gals (Mich nagtago from the cam, haha) before heading to the gig!

I love you Sponge Cola! Huhuhu. Syempre no fail padin ang kilig ko sa Jeepney. Walang kupas!

We saw each other again the next day, hindi sadya!

Mirror pic, Seven FAM, while nagpupull out si Famous Pax. :)
Panalo pambahay look ko noh, haha, di pa ako umuuwi niyan. :p

Back to The Game, I realized that the upside of all these is having more time to be with people I love being with. I guess The Game teaches me to be more patient, to acknowledge self-worth, and, maybe, to  recognize the anxiety and excitement of playing it. Now that I've put it that way, I realized, the anticipation is what keeps me alive. 

Minsan nahuhuli ko ang sariling nakangiti. 
Malayo ang tingin, malalim ang isip
Kailangang magkita muli?

Sa pagpatak ng bawat sandali (bawat sandali)
Nakatikom lagi ang aking mga labi (ang aking mga labi)
Inaaliw ang sarili sa musika (sarili sa musika)
Nananabik makapiling ka.

- Sponge Cola, Makapiling Ka


  1. ang cute!prng diary tong mga nakalipas na posts mo. kinareer mo un unang part ah!!:)) ang cute mo dun sa instagram pic nyo 3 na nasa gitna ka! tuwang tuwa lang ang bata!:)) see u later big sis kng san tau una nagkasama - MOA!:)))

  2. Hihihi thank you lil sis! :) Awww ang cute na tanda mo pa!!! :) Love you and see youuuu!

  3. nice, sayang sana you guys called, kita ko lang text ni pax 8pm na. i wasnt expecting lakad, anyway, see you later :)

    1. Aba si Papa D nagcocomment din a hahaha! :D Hello Sarah! :) Naku sayang nga! :P Nice to see you uli, more kwentos sa next time a :)

  4. weee! you tried na Nisce's services, salamats anagon! see you sooooon!!!!!!! :)

  5. Katuwaaa!! :) Hahaha! The best talaga si famous Pax! Amen!! O:-) Love ko Spongecola!!! ♥♥ Pero mas love ko kayooo >:D<

  6. i love spongecola too.i admire ur friendship with other bloggers napakatotoo lng hnd aq mgsasawang mgbasa ng mga blogs nio!maliban sa fasyon ang inspiring din.. gusto q ng pgkakaibigan na ganyan and i do hope na mgng part aq ng bu4 kht maliit na part lng para maexperience ang mga kabaitan nio:D

  7. Hi Ms. Ana! I love your drama effect! Nakaka dala ng emotion sa pagbabasa ng post mo! Hehehehe!! You are so cute! ♥

    More more more drama pa!!! :))))))



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