Your style is quite selective,

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

...but your mind is rather reckless.

Well I guess it just suggests...

...that this is just what happiness is. :)

Napakanta kayo noh? ;P LOL! Wore this simple black and white with pop of red ensemble to meetings and a buffet event awhile ago. :)

Black Tee - Bench
White Short with Arte Ruffles Deets - Kashieca
Black Belt - Anagon
Black Watch - Aldo
Black Bag - Arbor kay Pax, hehe
Red Shoes - Parisian
White Headband - nabili sa kalye for Php5 lang, on my way to MRT Magallanes! lol

A pic of me and Pax, self-timer, and background na lakas maka Asa SG kayo guys? Hehehe! Thank you for being matyaga in taking my pics!!!

Anyway, share lang na super happy that first day of the week palang and all good vibes na. Went to a meeting with a brand na interested to work with me and fellow bloggers... Super exciting! Then I went with Paul (the PR Guy) to his work meeting with a big client of his company, na super naenjoy ko. I always love watching my friends na in action sa kanilang chosen fields--Like almost all ballet recitals ng friend kong si Alli winatch ko, I've been with Pax in her many styling gigs before, and then I once had the chance to join my friend Chickie in her work as a teacher to kids with learning disabilities (Blogged: Stage Friend). Wala lang, ang fulfilling and nakakaproud!:) Then we were with Pax during the dinner event and post-ganap tambay...Na sobrang laugh trip lang! More kwentos soon! :)

Back to the outfitey (and title / intro to this post!), actually alam ko namang hindi figure flattering yung shorts, pero da hell nalang! Hahaha! Ang peg ko kasi was this look in a Youtube vid of A Beautiful Mess (yung mga unofficial na may lyrics, hehehe). Kaya when I saw the cute pair of white shorts with the ruffles deets in Kashieca, kinuha ko na kaagad! :)

Dapat pala naghawak din ako ng payong, hehehe!

The vid:

Yun lang! :)
Sending these good vibes from me to you!!! :)


  1. Napakanta ako!! Aminado! Hahaha bet ko 'tong shorts mo, lalo na super cute mo to show us your peg for your look! Love it Ana! ♥ Haha and syempre, kakatuwa naman pagiging supportive mo to your friendships! Love love love!


    1. Thank you Arnie! :) Super naaappreciate ko your comments girl! :) Namiss tuloy kita na, lil sis! :)

  2. Ang cute ng red shoes mo. I love it! :)Nakakatuwa ka naman maging friend kasi super supportive talaga. :D Lucky talaga mga friends mo to have you.

    1. Thank youuuu and ang feeling ko I am lucky to have them :)


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