Candymag August 2012: The Happiness Campaign!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello hello! How are you guys! Long weekend is almost over, 
so I decided to spend my "parang Sunday" na Monday here at home, 
with the whole family (except Ate, na nagpapakasarap sa Tokyo!).
Past few days have been so hectic, aside from the 2-day bazaar,
there were appointments and events here and there. Namiss out ko 
nga (sadly) yung EPIC win ng UST vs NU yesterday! :(

Anyway, earlier today, I found myself browsing through the Candy Magazine sent to me.
I love this issue! Happiness is underrated, and knows no age. 
I am still learning a lot from my favorite teen mag:

Winner words from Candy EIC Marla:
"When you encounter something sour (ie lemons) don't just sail through. 
Squeeze the juice out of it..."

Beautiful even with braces! Can relate parin ako dito, haha:

Happiness is a clean and beautiful room!
Shabby chic space ideas I want to try:

Perfect tips for the Fashionista Commuters!

An article on National Book Store's Nanay Coring--my forever idol entrepreneur!
"You have to give and take. You have to understand each other, and if you do not understand, you ask."

 Why so Emo? Notes on depression and how to bounce back.
"and her faith in Jesus allowed her to believe that there's something good still on the way...The story, he says, is not over."

I think the best Be Happy lesson I got from reading this Candymag issue is to have a purpose beyond yourself. In fact, when you think about it, there really is more to life. :) Grab your Candy August ish (if you haven't!) for more tips!

Take care of yourselves guys, and
enjoy the rest of the "long weekend"! :)


  1. I love it na very very fasyon ang mga magazines but still super inspiring and insightful! ♥


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