ETC Fashion Flea Market kwentos

Monday, August 27, 2012

So many things going on, plus my helper Jenny is in Bicol daw, 
I was about to cancel my Saturday bazaar, but my mom said she'll help me. 
I hate that I am not prioritizing Anagon as much as I did before. 
I need the fashion gods to inspire me again, where art thou my Muse?
But for now, I am just happy that my parents will always be there for me
to remind me of my first love (entrepreneurship + creating things).

Anyway, the weekend went by, so I guess I made the right decision narin to go with the selling stint.
Made few sales (not the best but, as I'll always put things, charging this to experience!),
and also what is there to complain when I have long hours of hangout and chikahan with some blog friends!

Shared booth with my other GF (aside from Pax) Sarah Tirona:

First stall sa Bloggers' Lane. Love that ETC bazaars always provide the tents na, 
tables and chairs, and even the booth signs. Veryvery prepared (and uniform) ang set-up!

 Got these 2 photos from Ava's blog, thank you! Some of my creations:

My neighbor booth / halos kabooth-share narin! :) My Beb Ava Te:

Directly in front of her stall: Sophie's Mom! :)

Sophie's Mom gave us each a box of these sobrang cute cupcakes!
Ang galing lang:

Other booths sa Bloggers' Lane: Mike Magallanes and Style and Soul:

Lissa Kahayon:

Plump Pinays:

Also saw one of my favorite bazaar booth: Wardrobe Check! :)
Hello Ms. Winnie!

The middle aisle, with the beautiful festive design! :) 

Sign posts everywhere, cute lang very Fashionista Commuter:

For the two days, spent most of the time with Ava and Mike...
Love these two to bits! :)

For the first day, Arnie came over and visited me!
Thank you again Ava for this photo with my Coke, pampagising, hehe:

Sobrang love ko talaga this girl, we talked about Pax's crazy party
when I accompanied her around the bazaar. We also had a photo
sa Double Mint booth, ayaw pa namin dapat but the person manning the stall
had us at "Ma'am veryvery fast lang to!" Hahaha! PANALO!

Thank you so much for supporting me always, girl!
Asa locker kami niyan, waiting for Jic, chos!

I went to the Robinsons Beauty Fair at around 3pm, where I met Rovie.
She told me she'll give me a ride back to Ronac, para makapag bazaar din sya! :)
I really had a great time and kwentuhan with her during the long car ride! :)

I've only known Rovie lately, but we have sooo many common friends!
She's friends with my high school best friend, magka sorority sila nun college! 
Talked about lots of things like best lipstick, our common UPM friends, and,
siyempre, usapang love life! Hahaha!
Pax and Mich also came that day, but I have no photo. :(
We had dinner, before calling it a night. Ava gave me a ride to Ayala,
na sobrang big deal sakin dahil pagod nako. Thank you Beb talaga!

 The next day, Sunday, was a full day for me! In short, ako ang bantay the whole day!
I arrived ng lunch time na, so after fixing my stall set-up, I had a solo lunch downstairs, 
sa isang Chinese resto dun na naging
instant favorite na naming bloggers! (Dun din kami nag dinner nung Saturday). 
What I had:
 Guys, I think ang winner dito is yung rice! Haha.

Who is this cutie, aka my date for two days? :)

Baby Athan! :) Panalo naka OS hat pa, haha:

Matagal tagal na tambay, and walang visitor, but having Athan around, 
sobrang maeentertain ka na! We played with my iTouch for hours, haha!

We also saw Denise of Simone's Closet! Had a short chat with her,
moremore sis next time! :)

Late Sunday, may auction na nagaganap sa stage area!
Exciting, I signed up pero wasn't able to win anything naman. Haha.
Masayang maexperience though, next time, yun tipong last two bidders nalang
kayo. Parang eBay lang pero mas exciting kasi live, lol.
All proceeds went to Cancer Warriors Foundation. Kudos ETC! 

 Sunday Gang! Thank you guys for coming over!

Super grateful to have supportive friends...I've always been one to go to 
my friends' happenings, and ngayon lang na people will go out of their way
to be there for me! :) So masasabi ko talagang tunay ang (good) karma, and I deserve this! Lol.

Thank you: Mich, Pax, Sarah, Kelly, Ava, Paul, Athan, and Mike! :)
I super appreciate having you guys around!

At around 8pm, we packed up and called it a night. My parents
arrived in perfect timing to help me pack and disassemble my heavy bazaar things.
Sarah and I got the ETC stall signage as remembrance!
Watch out for our joint brand! Crazy (feeling genius) things and ideas na naiisip
namin nung bored na hehehe... At least productive! :p

We had dinner again at the Chinese resto, na hindi ko talaga maalala yung name.
My family was there too, pero asa kabilang table (very teenager lang ako nyan, hehe).
Nag sspace out na ako in between kwentos and tawanan, but I'd say it was
still a good night. I am blessed talaga with the best family and friends.
Thank you thank you Universe!

Thank you Ava Te for the group photos.


  1. awwwwwwww kilig to see my photo in your blog. yes yes more kwento sana next time boothmates tyo haha! Btw may nagustuhan akong necklace mo ung bib nencklace na with beige stones. I love it! :) ang ganda!:)

    1. Thank youuu! :) Bitin ako sa kwentuhan!: ) More more next time a, and yes malay mo boothmates pa sa ibang bazaars! :) And yey thank you for appreciating, labor of love mga yan hehehe :)

  2. Dami kong kilig sa post na to sis!! Syempre first sa sweet chuchu mo sa mini bonding natin! I love you forever, lamoyan always present si bakla sa mga bazaar/ganap mo! :) More more tawa ako sa double mint girl, winner!! HAHAHA! And kilig din ako sa parents mong super supportive. Katuwa sila talaga, you're really lucky to have such amazing parents! ♥ Cheers, sis! More more bonding pa soon! MWA!

    1. Nakuuu mas blessed ako to have you sis :) Thank you so much for your time and love, nuks hehe seriously though THANK YOU! :) Mwah!

  3. Naiinggit ako parang ang saya x__x Sorry sis hindi ako nakapunta, promise pag naka-adjust na ako sa bago kong life go na yan! More power pa sa Anagon Collection! :)

    1. Thank you so much sis! :) Hehehe, oo next time bisita ka naman!!!: )

  4. Congrats for another completed Bazaar, Ana! Ang saya lang, business and pleasure. :)

  5. me thinks mao jia yung name nung resto? I think? haha!:)) pero masarap nga dun! sayang hindi na kami nakasama ulit, but had fun again at the bazaar with you, beb!!:)

  6. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta :( Madami pa namang next time! Hope to meet you sa next bazaar nyo ni Sarah!!!


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