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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I seldom go to Powerplant because the place isn't commuter friendly, but I love the quietness of that mall. Last Friday, I met up with Pax in Rockwell for a supposed ganap, but when she got there, the thing got cancelled. I got a bit irritated because I gave up a lot of other things for that, but Pax treated me to my other favorite Cafe Med, so all is well. Hehehe ang daling masuholan!

I also missed seeing Pax since she was not present in the latest ganaps I've been to. Although we meet almost weekly, hindi na mashado like this na sit-down/heart-to-heart talk type. I texted her the day before this "Aisa Ipac magpakita ka naman sakin at nakalimutan  ko na mukha mo!" Lol.

Anyway, we ordered these (hindi ko pa alam na libre to non, hehehe)

Variety of taste, aka si Pax nga ang kasama ko:

..for the pita: 

 My falafel with buttered rice:

Pax's beef dish:

Of course I ordered Coke. After years of iced tea, I finally realized Coke is still the best:
Thanks Pax!!!

After that dinner (yup dumayo kami ng Rockwell to eat haha) we headed to Mega Mall for a dinner meeting. In short, second dinner! Haha! But before that... Outfitey pics muna:

We had desserts nalang. Sayang Yabu pa naman kami (I want layu and curry :p)! Sorry I have no photos during the meeting, but we were with Paul and Mel and Genson and the client:

After that, we went to Pax's apartment in Cubao so she can change party party mode for their 7FAM event that night. Had coffee with Paul while waiting, and had the chance to catch up with my bff too! :)
My favorite part was our ride going to Republiq. It was super raining hard that night and sobrang traffic, but we had a crazy time in Paul's car. Ang kukulit! Didn't go to the party na since it wasn't my scene and I have events din the next day.

Saturday, we met up naman uli for the Hang Ten event in Il Terrazzo mall. It was a hyper-lang "camping themed" ganap, thus the sash and badges and head scarves, and Paul's saludo pose. More kwentos on that next time! :)

After this event, we spent more time together in Banapple, where I ordered these with Pax:

Banoffee, I love the caramel layer!

Cream pasta, but it was sobrang tadtad lang ng bacon:

Looks like a serious table, but laughtrip kami niyan! There is no Starships kasi e, lols. I won't forget the "segment" din where everyone tried to teach me da moves na kung paano daw ako mag aact pag in front of Jic Jic (hahaha). Nakakatawa kasi kanya kanya sila ng style and swag to impress someone, sa isip ko ganyan pala kayo nagkajowa ha. Hehehe. I think umabot jan ang usapan when I got texts and tweets that UST won against DLSU! Woot! I need to watch na talaga uli ng next games!
With my happy pills: Sarah, Pax, Arnie, Mikki, Kelly, and Paul.

Bagong profile pic niya, lol sorry ang pogi lang ;p

We dropped by Sarah's place (na may working printer padin) before saying good bye. Pax had to print something because, yup, she still worked on some pullouts that night. Sipag!

Got a kiss from Sarah's little dog Chewy before heading out, hihi!

Ended my Saturday in Collective Malugay in Makati with my high school barkada! This was a surprise birthday dinner for Mona (the girl in aqua blue)...And I realized we do this almost yearly thanks to her boyfriend's schemes (ang sweet noh!)...and she yup still gets surprised! 

I am close to everyone in the group, but one of my oldest friends is Tamems/ Me-an! Finally had time to catch up with her, dati I always text her especially when I was at my lowest point. I missed this girl!

I love catching up with my girls, and yup, all girls kami sa barkada because I finished grade school and high school in an all-girls school. We have additional boys in the group every now and then because of the boyfriends--and my friends start to call the boys group the Managons. Yup, that's Man + Anagon, para daw pag nagka men's line nako. Hahaha.
Of course I have to explain my camping outfitey and thicker kilay to some of my friends, haha! This is me trying to teach them the fieldtrip pose, laughtrip, but walang sumunod sakin hahaha!

Yun lang! Happy Sunday! :)

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  1. Grabeee ang saya saya pag andyan kayo >:D< Happy pills sabi mo nga! ♥ Love you Ana! Haha pag mag-watch tayo ng UAAP dadamoves tayo!! Hahahaha :-*

    1. Oo a! :) Gusto ko lang din maexperience mo ang uaap, pero ayoko dumamoves! ;D Isa lang naman akong dakilang fan, not jowa hahaha ;)) Thanks for your fun company din sis!!! :)

  2. ako talaga jowa mo!!! hehee. andami ko lng participation sa post na to. aylaveeet! miss you!

    1. I miss you nadin! Gurl baka nahahalata na ng mga tao na tayo na hahahahahah! ;D

  3. That polka dot dress is so nice!! (Pati yung banoffee pie ng banapple looks nice haha)

    1. Hahaha thank youuu! :) Super crazy for polka, bahala na kung panay polka dots nalang! ;p hahaha!

  4. oh there is a jeep from makati to rockwell... although coming from the south hassle din pumunta pa ng makati. Hope to see you soon! :)

    1. Hassle noh! :p I want to know where from makati yang jeep na yan though! Hehe! See you too!

  5. wah nkkgutom un photos, i cant go out coz of this terrible weather, sana tumigil na un ulan >,<


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