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Friday, August 03, 2012

I finally went out after my "3 days of darkness" (lol). Night before going out, I suddenly felt woozy, and I knew this will end up in the form of flu. I decided to sleep early and not cancel my plans, especially the movie date with Krissy. Bahala na!

My first stop was in an office in Ayala for an FGD. They promised P1k gift packs, but I am not really in the mood that day. I went ahead since I am not the type din to say no to a friend! Lalo if I have time naman to spare. :)
I had a great time though, but favorite ko parin pag "getting to know". After everyone pointed out their offices around Makati din, I'm the odd ball again when I told the group: "Ako naman I make accessories for a living, and then sell them online. I am also a blogger." Hahaha, parang ang weird ko siguro nun! :p

Two hours flew by, though, which means we weren't nainip at all. And when they handed the "gift packs", they actually distributed envelopes containing this:
Wow instant P1000 haha! Pwede ba tong trabaho, Professional FGD Participant! Chos!

I walked from the Ayala office going to the Four Great Malls (Greenbelt-Landmark-Glorietta-SM) till I reached the MRT. It was raining hard that time, and onti ang tao, which got me in a reflect-y mode again. :p

When I finally reached Trinoma to meet Krissy, I transformed into a lean mean sneezing machine. I hate taking decolgen or neozep when I am out (parang lumalala ako), so I decided to just hydrate. I think I consumed two bottles of Gatorade (red, of course) even before entering the cinemas.

Krissy texted me she's hungry so we decided to eat first. We met in our favorite "mamihan"--a hole in the wall thing you'll find sa fancy Trinoma cinema area. It's near Mexicali (my favorite!), but that sickly day called for hot soup, crunchy noodles, and THE BEST BREAD! I am not a bread-type-of-person (kanin forever!) but this! The best!

We checked out the movie sched, and decided to go to SM North's cinemas and watch Pixar's BRAVE (alanganin ang oras sa Trino). We had around an hour to spare, so we went to SM Department Store's GTW for Krissy's "blue dress-needs". I decided to look around also, but later on went over the cashier carrying the THREE cutest dresses ever. Yung isa for P300 lang (on sale!)! So I know sulit naman!

Again, time flew by, after the (impulsive) shopping, we ran to the theater (with another bottle of water, hachoo!). I actually enjoyed the movie, lots of cute parts, and I find it overloaded with encouraging words and positivism that will make Stephen Covey proud. I saw Krissy tear up a little during the last scene (she's going through a new phase syndrome, you guys!), and right then I knew we watched the right film. :)

We said good bye but texted some more during our own commutes. We realized we forgot to take a photo together! :p I told her "Pwede naman tayo kumuha nalang ng file photo, and then post ko nalang!"--and so this!

...And another one! Mas nene Ana and Krissy, haha!
 I love days like this! I think the most fulfilling part is knowing how I can keep a friendship after all the change of jobs (and hair!), and after all the new people we meet, parang, alam nyo yun, ganito parin kami. :) 


  1. napakdorky ni krissy nun! parang ang bait bait nya. haha. binubully kaya nyan ako everyone...

    1. Ang nonsense ng comment nato!!! May balak ka ba maging Commenter of the Month!!? Lagot ka kay krissy!!!!!;p

  2. Wow keri ng side line yung sa FGD! Love it! Hahaha!! And awww, ako rin minsan napapa-reflect pag alone and umuulan. Free flow, random thoughts. ♥ Waa Brave!! Parang tine-Temple Run ko pa lang yan huhu sobrang bet ko manood!! CUTE NIYO NI KRISSY! Friends for keeps. Love you both!!

    1. hihihi thank you arnie! :) natawa naman ako sa tinetemple run hahaha :D See you sooon! :)

  3. nice adventure. :) ganda niyo ni ms. krissy. :)

  4. Nakakmis yung mga ganyang moments. Mabuti pa kyo ni Krissy, as in forever friendship. Ako simula ng nag college walang permanent buddy. Hanggang ngayon I'm always all alone. But best part pa din ang blogging experience ko kasi na meet ko kayo. May kausap na ko kahit papano. Hehehe. Di nagbago hitsura mo ana. forever young ka teh!


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