Seven for All Mankind Rockwell: Store Re-Opening

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thank you Ed Lorenzo of Connect Agency for the photos!

With Paul, Pax, and Tracy:

With Bff Paul:

With 7FAM's Ms. Ayet, and my BU girls Pax and Melai:

With Ira Giorgetti:

With Ed:

With the 7FAM team:

Hindi kami nauubusan ng pinaguusapan! Hehe:

 Super sarap cheese and mushroom thing: 

Moremore chikas! Hahaha:

Tired to the bones, but I can't leave my friend Pax on her styling stint as 7 for all Mankind's
blogger ambassador a few days ago. Proud of this girl, as always! Sabi ko nga, if there's something
na gusto ko mahawahan ako ni Pax, it's her walang palyang energy! 
My own photos from the Rockwell 7FAM visit:

Pax was even interviewed with Ms. Ayet! I wasn't able to catch for what show,
though, but pag nalaman ko I'll announce para watch natin! ;)

Congrats Pax! :)



  1. Yes, I must agree! Pax is such a sweet and kind girl :) And I adore her energy! :)


    1. True! :) Thank you Sai, in behalf of Pax! Hehehe, spokesperson! :)

  2. eh yung nabura yung mahabang tinype ko kanina. booo. anyway sabi ko lng love u for supporting me!!!:)) miss youu!!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG ANO KAYO YUN NABURA?? :D Anyhooo oo naman, di ko matitiis kayo! ;) Miss you tooo pagaling ka na nalilimutan ko na mukha mo! :)

  3. Kaaliw yung pictures niyo ni Pax. Halatang more more chika nga kayo. Alam na!! Hahaha OMG kyooot naman may interview na nagaganap!! :) Go mga tey!


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