Thursday, February 07, 2013

KISS Necklace - ANAGON x The Little Things She Needs
Black Plastic Necklace - Crave More x Gerd Perez
Commas Top - Robinson's Department Store
Skinny Black Jeans - Wrangler
Black Satchel and Flats - SM Parisian
Thick Framed Glasses - Starfinder
Watch - Botong Francisco x FREEWAY
Bracelet - Karat World
Skinny Black Belt - NAVA
Donut Bun - Pink Box

Round 3, fight!

Every morning na nagigising ako (since Monday), naririnig ko ang V.O. na yan sa ulo ko (napag hahalataang laking Street Fighter ako, hehe). Third day, and I'm already wearing my eye glasses (na ka-twin ng Crave More necklace ko!). Meaning, hindi na kaya ng mata ko mag contacts. :p

It had been super busy the past days, but yesterday ang pinaka ngaragan day! I left a lot of important things, had to meet with my hangers suppliers for online order matters, and got lost and overspent on transpo dahil sa Taft rush hour. :p Pictures were taken ng pa-closing na kami ni Jenny, and I realized the wonders of a 50mm lens: Ang liwanag padin ng kuha! :) Medyo ngarag face na and parang kaguley lang--but gusto ko lang pakita ang COMMA overload top ko--ang cute noh! Veryvery Love Notes! Haha hanep sa plugging! ;p

ALMOST done na with Project TLTSN! Less than a week of production? And sa week pa na may bazaar!!!??!! Hahaha himala talaga! Lord naman, I deserve a Valentine! ;p

PS: My "Anagon Collection Angel" Jenny took my pictures, hahaha! First time!
PPS: Thank you to my beb Ava for visiting me yesterday!!!!

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  1. Hahaha totoo yan sis, you deserve a Valentine! :p Malay natin!! Haha goodluck on your bazaar, sis! Really hope I can visit you sa Taft this week. I miss you!!


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