Friday, April 26, 2013

Alignment (n) - in sports and dance, the proper placement of bones so that muscles do less work. In astronomy, a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies (source). Arrangement or position in a straight line or in parallel lines. (source)

Shirt - Zara
Skirt - SM Ladies Fashion
Shoes - SM Parisian x Rajo
Bag - Gift from Celeteque Event
Necklace - Anagon
Thank you Tracy Ayson for my photos!

If I have to give a "word" to my goal for this year, it is to be aligned. Balance is also a good word, but I am focusing now on "properly adjusting" and connecting these scattered pieces from different aspects in my life. Also, I've heard the word a lot of times din the past weeks or so.

First to align is the self. I noticed that asa phase ako ng on-off anxieties, always "running around blindly". I want to be healthy, and I use healthy not only in terms of the physical, but as an over-all thing. I think attending Bikram Yoga classes affect my whole well-being positively - not only do I sweat-off in class, but I also end a session with cleared and relaxed mind.

Segue lang on my clothes, I finally saw the skirt na super bet ko and very Summer 2013 - pencil cut and with black and white vertical lines from SM Ladies Fashion! Ang point of the outfitey is a relaxed, clean look - classic black and white pieces lang (even my Esprit Time watch! :)), accessorized with golds.

The other thing that needed alignment is work-wise, or your bread-and-butter. Lately, napansin ko lang na I love talking about this (sorry, sana di kayo nabobore haha!) because I know a lot of friends who are: fresh grads, or changing career paths, or just plain confused/lost. Something I've learned again from Bro. Bo (Sanchez) is that you have to have "Divine Alignment" - to align your passion (or the thing that you superlove, you will continue doing it kahit i-strip off na ang money or perks), potential (your talent or "core gift", or the thing that you are reallyreally good at doing kahit nakapikit ka pa), and purpose (blogged here). Parang if nagmeet yung points between these 3 "circles", you have the job that "will not make you feel like you're working at all!", and you still earn! Can't put it any better myself, so I have to quote my idol Bo:

"When you align your passion, potential, and purpose, that is when you achieve true prosperity. This is what I call Divine Alignment. The reason why you lack peace, fulfillment, joy, success, and true prosperity is because something is still not aligned in your life." (Read more here)

Anyway, wore this outfit for the POUCH Ph event and WRANGLER's Denim Spa-rty!
(first 2 photos from ARC FB and @danibarretto, respectively)

TGIF, guys! :)


  1. You look very donya! I want your skirt! :)

  2. Bet na bet ko yung skirt. At bet na bet ko rin ma-attain ang divine alignment na yan! Sana, sana talaga :)

    Megann, Style Surgery

  3. This "Business woman" look is fast becoming your trade mark. :)

  4. BIG SIS!!!! Jusko forever parehas tayo. Ganyan din nakuha kong skirt sa SM Ladies :-S Hahaha we're soulmates ♥ Ang galing mo dalhin tong outfitels sis. Love it! :) And thanks for inspiring me always. Noted ko na yang "alignment" in life goal! ;)

  5. Shucks.. I love this post.. Passion, purpose and potential... Thank you for sharing that!!! I'll write that down on my journal!!!


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