Glade Sensations: SCENTsational Paandar!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

I LOVE scents! Sabi nila most memories nattrigger in a single whiff of a familiar smell. Napaka emotional niyang sense, and of course, may "ownership" feel sha, lalo pag kanwari may signature fragrance ka na or yung house mo. "Ay amoy ni ganyan!", yung ganung mga eksena!

My current favorite perfume is my naghihingalo nang Armand Basi Rose Glacee (paubos na :p). For my room, ma-incense ako since high school (haha feeling gypsy/hippie), but now I discovered diffusers from Zen Zest and even from Bench (Daphne Osena collab!). Gusto ko kahit summer and ang init, walang excuse na "mabaho" (lol), dapat always fresh!

For my restroom naman (I share CR with my 2 sisters), mas gusto ko yung mabango and almost powdery yung smell, yung hindi mashadong matapang-umaalingasaw (stays sa nose) level (hehe), that's why I love Glade Sensations!

Yung ganito ang gusto kong Glade Sensations for the bathroom, with the convenient holder na hindi kailangang i-plug to activate the scents. 

Glade Sensations have more more fragrances narin available, para moremore options! Lemon, Morning Freshness, Fruit Nectar, Jasmine, Ocean Escape, and ang favorite ko - I Love You scent! :p Lol.

Paandar video on how I easily install my Glade Sensations sa restroom:

May double sided stick-on option sha sa back, although may stand din this Decor Scent if you're not into sticking things sa wall:

Pwede rin shang nakatago lang, haha, pero ok din shang exposed because of its decorative style :)

Although "bathroom scents" sha, for me ok din sha for your room, living room or even sa car! :) Depende na sayo yan. Parang ang cool nung Ocean Fresh scent lalo for me na wala pang naka-set na beach trip for summer 2013 (boo :p)

As for our own CR, my OC sister just installed the Lavender fragrance at dinikit nalang tiles. Mga pang one month nato! :)

There you go! :) Share to me rin your favorite scents lalo for summer, mapa pang room man yan or personal pabango... Ako pala bet ko din yung mga vanilla! Pero sa powdery parin ako, parang amoy baby parin! Hehehe. :)

Happy Sunday!!!

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