Sponge Cola - Pick Your Poison (BTS)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I just came home from an almost-whole-day midweek break in SM SouthMall's Bowling Center! I was expecting na bowling tourney lang sha, but we actually had da-beast full-blast gaming day! I can't wait to talk more on the ganaps kanina, but I have to post a few backlogs muna before that para chronological, hehe, arte.

Anyway, here are photos from another EPIC night of my 2013. Days before this, Tracy asked me if I want to go to the Sponge Cola music vid shoot with her "Extra lang tayo. Wala naman acting involved yun, chill lang. Wear shirt and shorts, mababasa daw tayo pero sprinklers lang naman."

Day of the shoot, Tracy and I came from a Maldita Studio hair makeover. With Ava, naligawligaw kaming tatlo going to the Universal Records studio--but when we got there (an old warehouse-ish place), we were welcomed by giant pizzas, an alak buffet c/o Tanduay, and a good mix of cool people.

First "scene" we participated in involved JUMPING. Siguro mga THREE TAKES of just jumping and bopping our heads while watching the band play Pick Your Poison. Para lang kaming nanunuod ng gig, pero mas exage sa emote ang fez (of course, f na f, haha).

During the break, Pax arrived narin--

With Sponge Cola's Gosh! "Baguio Reunion"! Hehe.

The stylists and the star:

Ready for the next scene?! Bet ko yung love birds background, hihihi.

"Pool scene"

Shoes Shot:

Medyo mahabang take again of the band, while the rest of us were on break:

Sayang I don't have photos of the inflatable pool eksenas, dahil linayo na namin gadgets namin and shoes. We were all jumping and running around ng nakayapak, splashing water sa isa't isa! Ang awkward minsan tipong artista pa like Jay-R or Francine Prieto pa ang kabasaan mo, hahaha! Yael's last shot!

Post-shoot kodakan with the band:

Got so excited when I saw this "teaser" posted in Sponge Cola's FB page!

And then finally, few days ago, I learned that the official vid was out na! :)

The eksenas are super fast, but the first time I viewed it was via my iTouch the morning I woke up with the FB tag from Pax! Pinanuod ko, agad agad! Was able to take screenshots after 1 million times of viewing it! Kilegers! ;p

Seriously still can't grasp the whole experience! Kahit mini-mini exposure lang, sobrang surreal parin the whole experience and to be part of the vid of a band I super love since high school (cover palang ng Crazy for You, lol). Anthem ko kaya ang JEEPNEY at NEON!!! 

Anyway, don't forget to support for this vid! Visit MYX website to place your votes! :)

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