Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Saturday, after the fashion show for the Subic Harbor Point Mall's Style Origin, the gang decided to just rest in Coffee Bean while waiting for dinner. As usual pag wala ng magawa (o tamad na kumilos), double dinner nalang! ;p

I miss my Subic Gang - Paul the buringot (hahaha, joke! Cute! Cute!) and my pretty sistah Tin! :)

The whole group had a soooobrang fun (and heavy, haha) Korean din-din at Bulgogi Brothers!

When we went out of the resto, wala na halos tao and sarado na the mall, haha! 
Thank you for the chill night ang good convos Nate, Don, Thysz, Paul, and Tin!

Sunday, I learned about Bloggers United 5 full-page feature in Chalk Magazine's July issue! Yey!
photo source

Zia Quizon wearing my clothes in ASAP! Thank you to her stylist Aisa Ipac!

Went out last Tuesday, and saw these funny vandals on my way to the Ayala Station:

Emo? Hahaha.

Watched Before Midnight (thanks Keigh!) with Papa D, Sarah, and Tracy! :) One of the best movies of the year! One of the best movies OF ALL TIME pa nga siguro! You have to watch it, ako baka ulitin ko! It's so hard to keep up with their conversations (ang dadaldal nila hahaha) - every banat, every line, parang gusto ko mag labas ng notebook and jot down the quotable quotes! In fact, baka isang buong script na nila ang maisulat ko kung nataong ginawa ko yun! ;D Hahaha.

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Every character and every point nila, someone out there will breathe out a sigh (sabay bulong sa katabi "Can relate meee!") Haha! For me, I specifically LOVE their group conversation (something different from the first two films na silang 2 lang palagi naguusap! Cliquish!? Char!).

And then someone from their circle said something about (sorry can't quote sakto) a lot of people are busy spending their lives trying to find their soulmate, when we really just have to enjoy life ...and friends. (Awww!) *Sabay nudge kay Tracy sa sinehan*, hahahaha.

Catch Before Midnight in cinemas on 7-10-2013! :)

Bought new books again! :) A yoga book (with lots of pictures na very useful!), an old The Teen Vogue Hand Book on careers in fashion I remembered reading and enjoying sa isang coffee shop 4 or 5 years ago, and (for sentimental reasons, haha) an Eye Trix book I used to love back in grade school na kung saan pag tinitigan mo yung page long enough - may biglang mag popop-up na image nalang! ;D

Last Wednesday night's cool event with Caronia! Sobrang classic nail polish brand lang noh? I know marami nang umo-Orly or China Glaze (or The Face Shop!), but I remembered opting for Caronia pag tipid mode--good quality din naman and very afford pa! :) Enjoyed their event's nail care stations and cool music from Grace Note!

Thursdays with Ms. Ana. Hahaha! Starting kahapon, I'll be spending 1 and a half hours every Thursday as this a club moderator in an all-girls high school! What I wore for the first day:
Like our tryouts, activities planned for the "Styling Club" are a fair mix of all things fashion-related (from DIY fashion to high-end, from styling to fashion photog/writing, bazaar-ing, and even blogging!). Nakakaexcite sha! (Read my club moderator orientation in this post)

I left AC feeling super high and happy with my new "career". Spontaneously texted Tracy who was in Fort din, and yey so I met up with her. Had dinner in this new(?) place called Recovery Food, na ang target market daw ay yung mga may hangover! :D Niiiice. Hehehe. Had cheese sticks (the best! At P99 lang! :D), yummy salad, and calamansi juice!

Love you bebe! Tracy naman had the rich talangka rice na very sinful daw but very sarap! :D She came from her first Barre fitness session, and sobrang guilt trip lang yung kinain hahaha. Masaya naman!

Ended the night watching (for the first time) these Ramon Bautista vids on Youtube na sobrang laughtrip pala! ;D Tales from the Friend Zone, hehehe:

"Yang .0001% na pag asa na yan, otherwise known as malisya." HAHAHA!
Rememberrr... There is more to life than love! ;D

TGIF, guys! :)

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