BAYO x FilipInna

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BAYO demonstrates fashion interwoven with nationalism in their new collaboration collection with designer Len Cabili. The BAYO x FilipInna celebrates traditional weave (and weavers) through beautifully-crafted and impeccably designed clothes (all limited!) like this beautiful and intricate jacket:

The BAYO x Filip+Inna was held earlier in their Glorietta branch.

With Mikki and Sarah:

 Designer in focus is Len Cabili who, unlike any other local designer who has gained international acclaim, does not merely use raw or indigenous materials from Philippines. Instead, Cabili's designs happen with the our indigenous weavers, and each piece of clothing is as unique as that weaver's hand. Growing up in Iligan City nurtured in her a love for the rich cultural heritage of Mindanao.

World-renowned designer Len Cabili with Bayo's celebrity endorser Jasmine Curtis-Smith:

Each of the eight pieces in the BAYO x FilipInna collection features hand-embroidery by T-boli women from Lake Sebu in Mindanao, which can only set the bar higher for ready-to-wear fashion. What are your favorites?

Own a Len Cabili Filip+Inna piece for only P1000-P2095!
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