Losing the War

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Every time I go out in a camo piece, my dad will salute me, and call me ma'am, haha! I got this cool camo blazer by accident, on my way to the hidden restroom in SM Makati's men's section after a long commute. They have it in Small and on sale pa for P800, so kinuha ko na bago pa ako mag-sisi! Wore this look yesterday at the Bayo x Filip+Inna launch.

Camo Blazer - Markus SM Men's Fashion | Polo - TopshopKhaki Pants - GiordanoYellow Loafers - SM Parisian | Brown Bag - Impulse Co. | Necklace - SM Accessories | Photos - Sarah Tirona

Share ko nadin.... Although a lot of things are going on the past days, I actually felt excited and always looking forward to what's next, as if life is a game I am playing well and steady. Till I got an email yesterday. There's this thing when you're being addressed in a letter by a person with an Atty before his / her name, and you know this is something either serious na or spam lang. Anyway, to cut the nerbyos story short, one of my products got patented last March of this year, giving that lucky business person the sole rights and intellectual property over a CRAFT that I have been doing for a loooong time. I felt really really bad last night, though I don't have any evidences and claim the full idea / design is mine--still, sa mata ng batas, talo ako. I got rattled by something that I've never deemed coming, that a diy can be patented. :p Sakit lang na parang ako pa ang nangkopya. But infairness, I've learned my lesson and must play with  this game, that the idea of patenting my other collections enters the scene, in fear of losing everything I've been religiously doing--my bread-and-butter--for more than 7 years.


  1. agree ang ganda ng jacket.kaso wala bang malaking size? hehe. i cant squeeze myself in a small size..

    at naku. ano ba yan? multiply older days pa. anagon fan na ako!

    at least lesson learned. ipatent lahat ng gawa mo sis..
    love your wokrs.alam mo yan! (di man ako nakakabili, but hey, if only i have lots to spare, pakyawan ang hakot ko sa collection mo!)

  2. oh my ana!!! i asked about the patenting idea already and IPO said there's no category that we can patent our craft designs, specifically accessories. so how come "that" business person was able to do it? i can feel you ana! and i know how it hurts. I swear nanginginig ako sa galit for you because I know and everybody knows you have been doing that for so long!!! This actually alarms me, and I actually thought of seeking ways how to patent my designs. but don't worry, God knows, and everybody knows, the truth. and for sure you can think of many more designs pa! :) Cheers to us crafters! and sana may karampatang batas para sa mga ganitong bagay. if we just knew about it for sure naunahan mo pa sila! :)

    1. Thanks denise! Sobrang naloka ako when i got the email-- kanwari pako na i can think of something else pero madaya padin talaga. Anyway, i think we need to learn more on this IP thing, mahirap nang ipagbawal tayo gawin itong long-time craft natin. Sakit. :/

  3. WHUT! That's crazy!!! may ganun palang patent patent sa accessories.. You're talented and I'm sure more blessings will come your way :)

  4. Don't worry ana. We believe in your craft that you have been doing for so long. di natutulog ang diyos. He knows on the right side. Continue doing good and everything will fall into places in his time. Godbless anagon!

  5. At least you learned something important from this experience. Congrats on the UKG guesting BTW, ma'am Ana!!!

  6. what? that's so sad! And whoever that business person is, alam nya sino ang nauna. All I know if one door closes, a hundred doors will open for you. :)


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