Stylebible.PH First Virtual Style Awards!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

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Last last night, I attended the first Virtual Style Awards held in Club Haze, Fort Bonifacio, to support my blog bff Paul. The awards was organized by the online home of Preview, Stylebible.PH, and aims to give recognition to the movers and shakers of the online style community. The categories:

CATEGORY                                          DESCRIPTION

Wardrobe Blogger                           Best and most consistent in wardrobe documentation
Online Reporter                               Best in event coverage
Beauty Blogger                                 Best in beauty journalism including beauty how-tos and reviews
Photographer                                    Best in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle documentation/photography
Online Portfolio                               Best blog concept
Instagram Microblogger               Best Instagram documentation
Twitter Microblogger                     Best Twitter posts
Celebrity Site                                     Best celebrity-run website/social media account
Fashion Film Maker                         Best photographer/videographer with a website and/or online portfolio                                                                                                    of fashion editorial videos

Nominations and voting were done online through Winners are based on 50% online votes and 50% judges’ votes, they are Tricia Gosingtian (Wardrobe Blogger), Jenni Eperson (Online Reporter), Nikki Tiu (Beauty Blogger), Your Evil Twin (Photographer), Thursday Room (Online Portfolio), Kim Jones (Instagram Microblogger), KC Concepcion (Twitter Microblogger), Divine Lee (Celebrity Site), and Fold Canela (Fashion Film Maker).

 "We're very happy about the outcome of Style Bible's very first Virtual Style Awards. All 45 names under the different categories were nominated by our users and being part of the roster speaks about their remarkable contribution to the online community. The number of votes of each of the nine winners also tells us of how much impact these personalities have on the readers and I think that is something that deserves recognition. We're looking forward to VSA 2014!" Nikki Santiago, Stylebible.PH Managing Editor.

Congrats to all the winners, and to the whole Style Bible Team for making this happen! You guys are amazing! And although na-sad ako that Paul didn't win, I am sure that this will serve as a big stepping stone and push for him to produce even better and inspiring blog posts for his readers. And of course, to be nominated alongside his other category-mates is already a BIG DEAL--so congrats dude, and paulit-ulit pero I'm super proud of you! ;)

The Clingies blog barkada surprised our boy earlier by telling him may food review event kami in Tiago, QC. After the food and kwentuhans, we revealed (with a cake!) na it's not an event but a mini victory party for our own Mr. Online Reporter: Paul the PR Guy. :)
We love you Paul!!!:)


  1. You guys are the best. Period. Who needs awards when I have friends like you?

    1. I am sure you'll get there din dude!:) infer clingies reprezent ka that night--honor na yun for us!!!;)


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