Below Zero

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I have never worn TWO pairs of pants and FOUR layers of tops in my life, hahaha! But today, although hindi nag snow ng Christmas day, the cool screen sa hightech ref ng tito ko indicated na it's 25 degrees in the area... Paano pa when we went to the Inner Harbor? After church for Christmas celebration... We headed to this historic port with some of my cousins. Below zero ang level, lumamig kaagad ang cup of coffee I bought ng wala pa sa kalahati! :p

Camo Bonnet, Khaki Parka, Olive Green Thermal, "A" Green Sweater, White Polo - All from Old Navy | Blue Houndstooth Pants - Uniqlo | Olive Green Backpack - Cotton On | Camo Boots - Shoe Dept Encore

In fairness, ang hirap mag take ng photos pag SUPER lamig, hands must always have gloves on, AND inside the pockets (although hindi pa sapat!). Also, it felt as if magdidikit dikit na ang daliri ko kanina. :p Face was numb, and idagdag pa na I drank Berocca before leaving the house coz I wasn't feeling well pagkakagising palang--soooo alam na. :p 

Establishments were closed that day coz it's Christmas, nga naman. But the great view, the history (this is where daw nacompose the Star Spangled Banner! ;p), and the company made our trip to the Inner Harbor worth it. Photos! :)

Inner Harbor, aside from being a historic seaport and tourist attraction, is also a model for post-industrial waterfront development all over the world. A significant landmark of Baltimore, Maryland and the whole United States:

My fellow "matyaga" in taking pictures, Ate!

With mom, sisters, cousins, and niece!

Although maaraw naman that day, it was still unbelievably COLD. Eto na ata pinaka malamig na naranasan namin sa States, mas matindi pa kesa sa Vegas and nun earlier Maryland days na may snow. :p Sabi nila, maybe it's because near sha sa water...

Giant anchor:

Sanctuary! Ang saya every time we see stores na bukas, like It's Sugar, where I bought my coffee. We went in para lang sa heater.

Cute dogs!

Another open establishment earlier was this Ripley's building, where the few people who decided to go out to Inner Harbor on Christmas day went in para rin sa few minutes of heater. :p

Maraming parang "abandoned" area...


Although super cold na sa seaport, we went padin sa highest point to get better photos and view. Andun na nga din naman kami. The park is super ganda, ang sarap sana if we had coffee, hot choco, or even alcohol, haha. Ang sarap tumambay dun! But super lamig, we stayed for less than an hour lang before heading home na uli.

First time ko ata to see a squirrel!!! :D Ang bilis nya, natakot si mom! ;p

The US national anthem Star Spangled Banner came from Defence of Fort McHenry, a poem written by poet Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the battle in Baltimore.
Finally saw some beautiful sceneries of Baltimore! Can't wait for DC and New York City in the next few days...

Meanwhile, some group pics from last night, Christmas eve! The Gonzales Clan's first surprise uniform: these "Tabang" fundraising tees for Yolanda victims:

  The 3Go + mom's long-time project for Christmas finally came true! Gumawa kami ng Gonzales Clan tees, designed a "coat of arms", and had it printed in different sizes for our Christmas gift to the whole family! Check out how big my dad's side is...

US Gonzales:


...and Norway!!!
Ang cool noh!:) 

So last night, while waiting for Christmas, my aunts and uncles had a cook-off na usually ginagawa namin at home for NYE. Ang saya na nadala na dito ang tradition, this time ang magkakalaban mga parents namin! Competitive! My dad lost, sayang haha, but mabenta the tofu sisig nya a! ;p

Also tasted several imported beers c/o my tito (masarap yun XX!). Nainstall na din ang videokeng never nabakante, while others played basketball or air hockey or with the elliptical machine sa basement. We had a crazy kris kringle plus distributed personal gifts, and nung nag midnight na, the whole house was singing Aud Lang Syne on loop (hahaha) habang naka raise ang kanya kanyang glass of champagne/wine/Jack Daniel/beer! ;p 

Pinoy style ng kaingayan ng buong bahay na nagcecelebrate, I wonder if rinig na rinig na kami ng mga kapit-bahay! ;p 

Ahhh... Merry Christmas everyone! < 3

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  1. whooaaa. that bench looks familiar... I think I've seen it on "500 Days with(/of) Summer"

  2. AHHHH!! Dahil sa post na to sis gusto ko na makaexperience ng gandang weather!! And syempre magtravel! Hashtag forever frustrations of my life hahahaha. Cool ng fambam, btw! :)


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