Cabin Fever

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

While waiting earlier for our time to go out for more shopping in malls I have not been to, I think I've projected a smug face that Ate said, "Naka-cabin fever ka na a." True enough, the past days had been chill and the only time we go out was to check a nearby mall or grocery. I miss walking around the streets of a foreign place (like what I said in this post). Aside from the cold and lack of commuting options here in our Tito's place in Maryland (kaya antayan dapat sa car just to go to a commercial place)--busy din my relatives here sa work nila. Anyway, enjoying the company parin... Here are some of our activities the past days...

Floral Sweater and Denim Polo - Forever 21

The snow melted na, just compare pics above with the ones here. And just this morning, it started to rain! Mas nastuck the fam inside the house, so I finally discovered my "physical activity" while living here in Maryland--basketball! ;p Nag eenjoy ako, it doesn't feel like excise at all! Heard that they just assembled my cousin's new elliptical bike na I might enjoy din! Ayan may excuse na para lumafang some more, hehehe.

One of my favorite stores here is Target--ang daming great finds aside from the usual food selections:

We also went to Giant the other night. I found cool stuff like a What Does The Fox Say? book (lol), giant chips, good ol Rice Krispies treats my sisters and I used to love noon, and biglang nawala nalang sa groceries!

Two nights ago, we waited for another big family to join the Gonzales Clan for the holidays! They arrived around 11pm narin, so puyatan na the kids! Ang saya din mag welcoming committee (lol) with the foods and kodakan!

The following morning was Sunday, so the all 3 Gonzales families went to church. It was my first time to enter a church here in the States, so ang cool and curious ng feeling. The mass is same din sa atin, they have a band din for the choral, but they have provided Bibles and booklets to guide the church-goers. Medyo hindi as jam-packed as our church ang simbahan nila, and mas maraming matatanda, but eventually I saw families enter and joined the celebration.

Grabe, ilang days pa ng kalamigan I am turning into an Olsen twin na, hahaha! Wearing oversize-everything fashion helps in keeping warm, but don't worry I finally bought thermal na (nagkukuripot pa kasi ako at first bilang di ko din sha magagamit sa Pinas, hehe!).

Ate with our crazy cute cousin Niko!

After the mass, we all went home for lunch! Bayanihan sa pag luto! They also grilled meat goodies sa porch.

That afternoon, I went with the kids and my sisters to the nearest cinema to catch Frozen. Pinag drive pa kami by our tito to the AMC Theaters, and then my sisters and I were left with a teenager and 2 10-year-olds--so babysitter mode on! Lol. While buying snacks, the cashier got me wrong again and brought me nachos instead of fries (nakakainis!). Buti nalang masarap sha. I also bought popcorn, and the butter refill andun lang sa condiments section, so if di ka health-conscious talagang mag eenjoy ka dito! ;p 

I really LOVE the film, perfect pa nung songs! Nakakatouch! When the film ended, the people in the cinema (mostly kids) started clapping, ang cute grabe! I was teary-eyed sa ilang parts myself, ang galing talaga ng Disney! ;p Although sa sinehan guys, iba padin ang Greenbelt at Resorts World Manila natin! ;)))

Before contacting our tito to drive us home, we went around the area again to check out the stores. My favorite that night was Old Navy, medyo nagpaiwan na ako sa store na yun at nag "panic buying" sa saya! ;p Hassle!

Finally entered a Barnes & Noble Booksellers, na really cool place, I just love books and bookstores! Cea bought the Divergent book, while I got a fashion magazine. Ang cool na asa likod ng receipt ni Cea other suggested books based on her purchase!

 Benta this Hallmark store, ang laki!!!

Another store na nabaliw ako is the AC Moore Arts & Crafts. They have all sorts of knick knacks and shiz na nagpa skip ng aking diy-queen heart! Favorite ko the wood stuff na halos mga tig 1 dollar each lang, giant washi tapes, all sorts of stamps, and thick yarns to make scarves and "ugly Christmas sweaters"! :D

We waited for our Tito in Starbucks where I got the sobrang lakas maka Christmas na hot Chestnut Praline Latte:

Today was another mall day, and we headed to the sobrang talked-about sa titas ko who've been here sa States a lot of time nadin---ROSS. Ang daming branded stuff like clothes, bags, and wallets na bagsak presyo nalang! Medyo nabaliw ako sa bags section!

The parentals and the kids left after Ross, so we were left with our boy cousins to check out Macy's, na across the street lang. Parang ang lapit niya, but super lamig na uli that time, plus ang bagal ng transition ng traffic lights kaya nakapag picture pa kami nyan! ;p Saw really cool finds in other Macy boutiques like Charlotte and Hot Topic. Ako na talaga ang shopaholic, ihahanda ko na ang budget for balikbayan box! ;p

Christmas Eve na pala jan sa inyo, but dito tomorrow pa! :) Ngayon palang, though, nag bunutan na kami ng pang kris-kringle, nagpaplan na ng kanya kanyan "menu" for tomorrow's Noche Buena, and people are on their own rooms wrapping presents, or singing sa magic mic in the living room TV, or watching taped episodes of ASAP and Gandang Gabi Vice sa basement, or checking out the new elliptical bike (haha!). I have never been this excited for Christmas! I guess being surrounded with happy people makes a big difference in one's disposition. And I heard that mag ssnow uli tomorrow or on Christmas day mismo, akk! Sana nga, sana nga. :) 

Have a great Christmas Eve, guys! Love you all. :)

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  1. I love your stories here.

    I am impressed! You still got the time to blog. Whenever I am out and traveling, I always end up in the bed at night, Haha. Happy Holidays! :)

    1. Hahaha hindi ako agad makatulog sa gabi, so marami akong time! :) Have a great year Ruth! :)

  2. I was so impressed with your writing style it is a mix of our Tagalog and English. We should be proud being PINOY! Maligayang bagong Taon..!

    1. Awww thank you Iam! :) Salamat! Have a great year!! :)


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