Waking Up in Vegas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I wasn't able to blog last night bilang borlogs from whole day of feeling like a kid again. The family went to LA's Disneyland, and sobrang overwhelming ng people, rides, sights, bilihin, and of course, price tags (haha). The crowd was a fair mix of young and old, nakakaaliw to see even people na tadtad ng tattoos lining up to catch the kiddie Peter Pan or Dumbo ride! :p Sobrang cute! Anywhooo... Back to Vegas! So we woke up in our Vegas hotel room kung saan super sarap ng tulog ko. Instead of going wild the night before, I went wild with the US treats and sweets mom bought while she was in LA. My sisters and I had a separate room, habang the parentals had their own... And we kids enjoyed TV with weird US ads while eating our sour tape candies and Cheetos.

Checkered Sweater - Forever 21 | Black Leather Jeggings - Uniqlo | Sneakers - Converse | Bag - Kate Spade | Leather Jacket (wrapped around the waist) - Stradivarious

Kahit excessive ang junk food loading the night before, we woke up still feeling sooo unreal-hungry! :p The family crossed lang from our hotel (Stratosphere) to try the famous Denny's diner place for breakfast. Mom and dad shared a combo, while Ate and Cey also shared a plate. Bilang vegetarian, sinolo ko ang isang omelette order + cheesy hashbrown order --and they are HUGE! Namiss ko bigla ang sinangag na perfect sana sa aking priniritong itlog, hehehe.

The family decided to not join the tour group for that day to the Grand Canyon. It was what Cea was expecting for the Vegas trip, at ako din--bilang very Sweet Valley Kids ang peg!--but our guide told us we need to pay a hundred dollar per head, and I think additional 80 for the helicopter, dahil hindi daw safe that day sa canyons at snowy. :p 

So we just bought this bus ticket for 8 dollars lang, and can be used for 24 hours. Dad was talking to a Chilean guy at the bus stop, and hanggang sa bus seatmates sila and chikahan galore! Dami tanong ni dad na personal question, laughtrip kami ni Cea at may nakaintindi din sa kaniya! I seldom talk din sa ngayon, or order my food man lang, kasi hindi nila naiintindihan ang English ko and medyo frustrating pala (lol). May time na I ordered a combo with fries and extra onion rings, ang ginawa ng cashier she converted my fries to large onion rings at di ko na mabawi. :p Pwede bang matakaw lang talaga? Hahaha!

Fashionista Commuter! Woohoo!

Dad's new bff, lol!

We went around Vegas city using the bus card, hopped on and off from one hotel to next. Learned that each hotel pala has it's own sights and shopping center... Ang saya! Although most of them sarado pa nung we went around, which was lunch time na din a. I remembered our tour guide telling us 5pm is Vegas' start of the day! ;p

Took hours for us to go around this huge H&M in Caesars, dahil almost everything on sale! Got shades and dresses at 5 dollars lang or less (x44 in Pesos)... So blog friends! Alam nyo na anong pasalubong ko sanyo! Lolol.

The fashionista people of Vegas! Love this cute old couple na both naka "suit up!" :D

Every street and every corner of Vegas, makakameet ka ng mga costumed dudes, minsan minions and Disney characters, or Marvel, minsan mga unknown costumes na hubadera lang kaya nakakatakot picturean! Kanya kanyang paandar! Favorite namin siguro the Hangover guys, very Vegas! Pinila talaga sila!

Around 5pm palang, ang dilim na! :p We walked around instead of taking the bus na, to take more night photos of this fully-lighted city. So much to do pa but so little time, so we just enjoyed our Vegas walk nalang as a family. Ang lamig lamig pa nun, ang saya ng thought coz kung iisipin, this was a childhood dream come true. A long overdue dream come true for the Crazy Gonzales. :)

Ended the city walk in this random pizza place where they serve Sbarro-sized pizza slices... Ang sarap kahit we ordered plain cheese pizza lang! Panalo ata their cheese, but mas panalo yung tomato sauce that they used! :p I finished 2 slices, na very monster mode for my Pinas-eating-capacity. :P Tataba nga ata ako dito, bahala na! 

Eto na talaga ang end ng day... we entered another random hotel to enjoy a night at the Casino! Slot machines lang, at talo ako, but that's fine! At least kahit kapos sa time we were able to experience the Vegas life! ;p

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  1. Jealous of you, Ms. Ana! Looks like you're enjoying your US trip! Your pictures make me miss California! Have fun!

    ☆ Ysabel Vitangcol
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    1. Thanks ysabel! :) Cali is a fun place!!! :) Sana makabalik kaagad! :)

  2. Ang ganda diyan. beb!!:) sad never been to vegas pero hopefully one day!! BLOOMING ka talaga!


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