Airplane Kwentos

Monday, January 27, 2014

Note: Drafted this nung asa plane ako, di pala nag publish! Hehe.

I am blogging from the plane! Hahaha, how awesome is this diba hahaha (#babaw) ;p Anyway, almost 1/4 of our byahe palang ang nakalipas, and I've already finished Blue Jasmine, Ekstra, and looking na for another movie. Hindi ako makatulog, so I've also changed my phone's date/time na to Manila, Philippines! Ang daming oras to waste, and since it's 6am na pala sa Pinas, I'll try to stay up nadin by going on some random blabbering from earlier...

Quarter to 3, Mom and I were already up to prepare for our early flight. Nagulat talaga ako sa alarm ko! Mom said bigla nalang akong namulat, and then blurted out, "Oo nga pala." (Ang sabaw!). 

Baltimore Airport was a blur, antok na antok na ako habang trinatry ko iignore ang near-death-experience ng pagtawid with the below zero temperature. After a little past 2 hours of head-banging kind of sleep in the cramped United plane--and we were already in our first stop-over: The Chicago Airport.

I will definitely miss the amazing sanitary restrooms of the United States! Lol.

Then mom and I had our Mcdo breakfast. Love the coffee and hashbrown:

After a while, we were flying again! This time, in my favorite ANA plane--a Japanese airline. Check out our beautiful snowy view of Chicago during take-off:

White World. Kitang kita ang iced State:

Why I love ANA Airline: first is that they recognize the vegetarians, and even placed this sticker sa seat ko para they'll serve me my (feeling special!) meal:

Economy's Luxury: kahit na hindi kami business class, maganda ang legroom and each of us may own remotes and TV screens:

Na may vast collection of movies, series, music videos, audio, docu, and these cute Japanese cartoons:

Simple but neat ANA pillow, kumot, and headset provided for all passengers:

An awesome charger slot in each seat:

May video games din para sa mga competitive and bored (lol)

Andun din ang aming passengers' guide, including map of our whereabouts, and the menu guide!

Nung settled na, the accommodating Japanese flight attendants served us snacks first, with unli drinks (water, juice, soda, coffee, tea, or sake!)

And then, our lunch na! Mom's food:

My cool vegetarian feast! Had salad, bread and butter, vegetarian lasagna, and a platter of cheese with all sorts of gulay... Masarap!

Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream for dessert:

Coffee while watching the award-winning movie Blue Jasmine:

Bottle of TORAY! Hahaha, mineral water lang yan:

Papa P. < 3 Hahaha! In Ekstra, the indie film with Vilma Santos:

And now, naa-are we there yet? nako, the waiting game... :p

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  1. Lakas maka-jet setter nung "Blogging from the plane." Nyaha.. Welcome back madam! ^_^

  2. Isn't it amazing?? hehe. I'd like to know how you managed being a vegetarian that looonnng sis.. Ninang reese had given up dahil sa health issues.. hehe missyou. Davao naman uliiiittt!


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