Pageants for the Young Ones

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Child beauty pageants are a hot topic these days, especially since the popularity of several reality shows that touch on certain aspects of this topic. However controversial these events may be, there are some real positives that can come from the experience. 

Attitude is Everything
Parents who get involved in pageants with their children can really set the tone for how a child's pageant experience will proceed. If the parents have a healthy attitude, and use the experience to reinforce certain life lessons and coping skills, their children can grow in many ways. First of all, pageant participation can increase a child's self-esteem and help them to overcome shyness. 

They can also provide physical benefits, such as improved coordination and overall fitness by the emphasis on dance and other physical activities. The skills that they learn through these activities can also help them in the future if they choose to participate in extracurricular activities in school, like sports, drama and public speaking. Children can also learn about such concepts as camaraderie, working as a team, and how to handle pressure. Families who participate in the pageant circuit usually get know each other, and important friendships can develop through their mutual involvement. Other lessons, such as humility, fairness and being a good winner or loser are also important for social development.

Most children who participate in pageants thoroughly enjoy the experience and come out unscathed. If you're considering getting your child involved, keep mind that the media likes to focus on the sensational aspects, and rarely reports on the positives. Child beauty pageants are mostly what the individual makes of them. If a parent and child go into the experience with a healthy attitude, and focus on the fun, positive side, they can really enhance a child's self-esteem and improve their social skills. When the pageant experience is no longer enjoyable or completely voluntary on the part of the participating child, that's when the negative side can cast a shadow over the industry as a whole.

One of the fun aspects of the experience for little girls is the chance to dress up in beautiful gowns. You can find a shop sale for pageant clothing at many brick and mortar outlets and auction sites online. There is a large secondary market for pageant dresses for newcomers to the scene. This avenue allows those on a budget to get a beautiful dress at great savings.

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