Birthday Wish List!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I got my first birthday gifts 2 days ago! Ang sweet! It's a nice salmon genuine leather bag from my Tita, and this cute origami "weapon" from my Up-lookalike cousin:

Few days to go till I memorize another age (lalo na pag may nag aask sakin, I almost always forget kung ilang taon nako, haha!). So before pa mangyari yan, I am lining up na my wish list para may "goals" nako for the coming year. Para mas mag work hard pa ako, and also, malay natin, baka may makabasang generous friends and family ko jan! ;p Haha!

 1) Macbook Pro
I want my own Apple family collection (haha). And also, kawawa na tong Jurassic HP ko, di na din nagwowork ang letter "y" sa keyboard. ;p Feel ko ito ang biggest investment ko for myself this year!

2) iPhone 5S in Gold
Gold and updated! May pagbibigyan din ako ng fairly new iPhone 5 ko if ever I get this phone within the year! ;)

3) Fuji X-E2
Travel photos would have been better with a lighter camera na hindi nacocompromise ang picture quality! :p I love my DSLR with 50mm, but attending Fuji events last year convinced me they have really good alternatives!

4) Tickets to the 7107 Music Festival and Avril Lavigne's Concert!
Every year is concert and travel year! ;p I want to start 2014 right and high with life by going to the 2-day 7107 International Music Festival, and also, to catch Avril just because I was a closet-fan nun high school (hehe).

5) Black Large Rayban Wayfarer:

6) Epic beach trips this summer (starting March!)
Boracay or Palawan!

7) ...Or out of country! :D
KL, Taiwan, Korea, Bali, or Japan, or actually, any Asian country basta with my friends! :)

8) Michael Kors Watches:
I got a gold Swatch na, but I still can't help but look and manlaki ang mata sa mga MK watches pag nadadaan ako sa Macy's here in the States! The rose gold din is TDF!

Aside from these, I am generally just praying na I'll be a better and more inspiring and entertaining and funny blogger, segment host for MadTV, and fashion club moderator for my high school girls. I also want to make another big Anagon business comeback for this year, and learn to save and invest more for the future. I want my own place and car, but I guess unahin ko muna ang business so the rest will follow! The continuation of the list goes to my private, unpublished diary--alamna! With that, Happy Almost-Birthday to me! :)


  1. wala bang mas affordable dyan??? hahahaha

  2. Lahat ng nasa Birthday Wish List mo nasa wish list ko rin, pero malayo pa birthday ko. ^_^

  3. Excited sa inyong pagbalik! Food trip tayo hehe :)

  4. @sarah gagawa ako ng bago hahaha! ;p
    @glen hahahaha ok yan goal setting! :D Hahaha!
    @ava invite Arnie and Christine! :) See you gals soon!: )


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