Birthday Wishlist 2

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Making a new set of birthday wishlist--at ang mamahal daw nung asa first ko sabi ng aking friends (HEHE, thanks! At least alam kong binasa nyo blog ko! ;p). Here ya go, hindi tayo nauubusan ng wishes noh? ;p-- peace!

1) Clock Bag 
Super cute purse that I first saw in The Blonde Salad's IG.

2) YOUR recommended book
In reading mode uli, thanks to the super exciting page-turner Divergent! I am open to book suggestions, kaya I love receiving your favorite books as gift.

3) Room Scent
Or scented candles--in vanilla or minty scent!

4) Food Trip!
Since sa friends ako nagpaparinig in this post, masaya nako guys sa food trip / hangout pagkabalik! :) Craving for CPK salad, Aria Cucina salad, and Yabu vegetarian katsu with lots of laiyu!

5) This Team Manila Cap
Or any TM t-shirt!

6) Anything from Papemelroti store!
Love the quirky things here ever since grade school pako!

7) Anything Yellow!
My favorite color! :)

8) An Everyday Lipstick

Neutral and coral tones!

9) Cute Printed Instax Mini Films!
Ang cute nung Comic and Pandora noh!

Happy Sunday to you, and good night to me! ;p Haha!

PS: The Fashionista Commuter supports Jacko Wacko--a Music Festival organized by the De La Salle Englicom and EDM Philippines this January 25. Details of the event here:

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