Cold Sunny Day

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Today is most probably the coldest sunny day I'll ever experience in this lifetime (lol, OA, haha!). The temperature dropped ng hanggang 0 Fahrenheit, but thank God sinabi lang itong news nato sa akin ni Mom at tulog pa ako nun nangyari yun. Naabutan ko nalang nung nag 2F na--which is the exact temperature of our ref's freezer. Tira nalang ako sa fridge, mas mainit pa dun!? ;p

So FINALLY we went out! Tito realized paubos na our supplies of breads and other kitchen stuff, so we headed for the grocery! But first they dropped me and mom sa Macy's so we can shop--woot!
Scarf and Coat - Old Navy | Shirt - Giordano | Jeggings - Uniqlo | Shoes - New Balance

definitely missed wearing shoes, my contacts, and even makeup! So kahit mag shoshopping lang, I fixed my brows a little, applied a little cheek tint, para naman di makalawang ang mukap skillz (haha!). 

The past days since my sisters and my dad left, it started to snow again in Maryland. Nasa house na sila ngayon, and one Facetime session with dad the other night, he showed to us our cute dogs.  Si Ting steady and pa-isnabera parin, si Keeks talon ng talon and excited kahit sa Facetime lang! :p I love my dogs, super miss ko na sila!!!

This beautiful white sight is lovely and lakas-maka-movie, but later on I realized it hindered us to enjoy going out (mahirap mag ootd, or mang utos magpa-ootd! ;p)--resulting to more TV and internet time at home, with our hot coffee. Thus, my excessive "shared" out-of-this-world articles and videos on Facebook, hehe (guilty pleasure ko yun! ;p).

Mornings were spent in bed at walang kasawaang kaka-internet, until I realize mag te-twelve na so I get up to eat my brunch. Usually, toasted bagel with butter, or cream cheese, or PB&J:

Then the snow started to thaw, and lalong lumamig. Unbelievable weather, sabi sa news, coldest ata to since 19-kopong kopong (sorry, I am bad with number details, haha). Check out this article with counties na iced na sa sobrang lamig! 

Kaya when we went out and they dropped us sa Macy's, nagsasasayaw ang heart ko, singing hooray for no-bagels-day! Haha! I treated mom in a Chinese/Japanese restaurant, and seriously nag droool ako sa kanin! ;p

Excited na bata, haha!

Mom and our foood!

We shared this plate of fried potatoes, fried rice, vegetable egg roll, and California Maki! Happy Fiesta! :)

Then we shopped! Yahooo! Favorite store ko here is Hot Topic, while mom loves Bath & Body and Aeropostale.

"Bulldog Sale", panalo sa marketing, convincing! ;p

My tito calls us the "choppers", haha! Panalo parin si mom, na nakapuno na ng isang balikbayan box! ;p

At dahil marami nga akong time the past days, I was able to rummage through my purchases from the past weeks! Some pang tinda, some pang pasalubong, and some of course pang sarili! ;) Here are some of them (Comment below if may gusto kayong bilhin, mga suki! ;p Lol Joke. :p)

1) H&M Shades and DisneyLand Lego Keychains:

2) Fashion Magazines from Japan Airport, and trinkets from Charlotte Russe:

3) Cadbury Caramello Bars and GIANT cans of Altoids for my blog friends (coz we LOVE mints, haha)

4) For my Small Purse Resolution (haha) - cute bags from H&M:

5) Trend victim talaga ako, haha - Charlotte Russe flute skirt and Forever 21 cut-out boots:

6) Sabi ko I won't buy mga pang-lamig na I won't use din pag-uwi sa Pinas, but hayan! I ended up na nakarami na ako! :p Coat, thermal, and camo bonnet from Old Navy (favorite ko din dito!), Cotton On scarf, and Merona colored tights:

7) Investment bags: Kate Spade, Nine West, Kenneth Cole, and Steve Madden:

8) Casual Days: Forever 21 floral cap, H&M Mickey tee, Heisenberg Hot Topic tee, Cotton On backpack, and Fossil wallet:

9) Steve Madden and Kenneth Cole wallets:

10) Watches:

 Every night, we "kids" (yup, bata ako sa household nato! ;p Hehe! Kung maka-age group!) usually hold our movie nights in the basement / entertainment room we call the Man Cave. Napanood na namin ang Mulan 2, Hunger Games, Resident Evil, White Chicks, several episodes of Glee and Sherlock, and some B-class horror movies like Dead End and The Fog. Sometimes, my cousin Nico will also let me watch his favorite Youtube vids like some amazing Japanese cooks (haha!) and this recent one, a mean but hilarious vid of the Ice Dude. :p

Ending this post with my cousin's 1 million selfies, nung nakuha niya yung phone ko during one movie night! ;p Haha, kamukha nya yung boy sa UP movie noh!?

Syempre join ako sa saya! ;p

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  1. yay at bumili ka na ng thermal. hahahaha...i mishuuuuuu naaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! for sale ba yung aeropostale necklace na parang quartz? tingin ako when you get back, UWI KA NA.

    1. @sarah pwedeng for sale hahaha!!!;p i cant wait to go home na tuloy na ang ligaya!!!:)

  2. Beb, pabili cookie butter crunchy pleaseeee. Pay you when you get back! Hihi.

  3. Ana! These are amaing! Like omigod <3 See you at Yoga class when you get back :D


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