Shovel Day

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As the day of going home comes close, I actually might not feel like going home after all. Of course, I do feel sad here, with the BIG after-holiday blues, FOMO, and lack of friends to talk to--but I think I might be needing this after all. 

I left Manila 36 days ago with no time to fix my room from the bazaar series, no sleep, last-minute packing, and brain (and feelings) still scattered all-over, but in here, time is slow, there is so much "quiet", plus, I don't even have to have any plans. I just live life day-to-day, with something as simple as a good breakfast makes me happy, or when the afternoon weather permits us to go out on a sunny but nice and cool streets, and start wandering aimlessly.

Camo Hoodie - Terranova | Olive Thermal, A Sweater, Scarf - Old Navy | Blue Houndstoot Pants - Uniqlo

These UNEDITED photos were taken by my Ate during their last day in the States. Shovel day! I was in constant iMessage with her, and one time, sabi nya, enjoyin ko na to at sila ni Cea they miss everything from the trip--the house, the cousins, the lamig, the food, the sights, etcetera. I will miss this place, but I think it already gave me enough rest and time to think and ready myself to my comeback to reality. And yup, I miss my friends! :p

...Ten days till home!

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  1. This post looks great, it looks like you had so much fun in the snow! I think you would look awesome in one of our vintage jumpers :)
    Becky x

  2. Saya naman! Haha! May shovel day din dito pero semento ang hinuhukay hahaha

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  3. i love the candid shots in the snow! parang ang saya! true sabi nila ate and cea.. have fun there especially on last day mo! but even if you come back to reality, we're here to welcome you with open arms~~


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