A Beginner's Crossfit Experience

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loooong overdue post! Ang dami kong gustong idahilan (from broken phone to yoga classes occupying most of my February)... But sabi nga nila sa WOD Nation: NO EXCUSES! FINISH STRONG! Hehe!

Anyway, just a little fitness background--hindi talaga ako masyadong maexercise na tao. I've tried noon mag gym ng 3 months, though 1st month ko lang sha nasulit, and then nabore nako. In my never-ending "Heavy Weight Battle", I even had this "Hagdan Phase" nung wala akong budget mag gym, going up and down our house's stairs (bawal na iexcuse ang walang pamasahe) and effective sya sa weight-loss, pero kinalimutan ko nadin after our Boracay trip (haha). Parang, ok payat nako for beach, done. Lol.

My favorite physical activity most prob is yoga. Nung college nadiscover ko ang UST Yoga Club, and I know gusto ko sha kasi kahit na ang aga nya and may class pa ako after (na almost male-late ako), plus ang bigat kaya ng dala mo pa yoga mat and yoga clothes mo along with your school bag--pero wala, tuloy tuloy parin ako--dedicated! Just last year, I also gave Bikram (or hot yoga) a shot, just here in Alabang. Katulad ng college hatha yoga experience ko, nahanap ko dito yung fitness activity na hindi ko na iisipin kung babalik ako--I always go back there to practice, in a day, a week, or even after several months. Hinahanap hanap ko sya.

Although akala ko enough na yun, I realized na pag paulit ulit mo ginagawa, minsan familiarity leads to boredom (like love, char). Also, I may have developed several things in yoga--like flexibility, proper breathing, and balance--but I also lack other aspects of a "fit person" like speed and strength. I wouldn't have known these if not for my visit in WOD Nation's Crossfit Mad Minute branch in Makati.

WOD Nation, with branches in Greenhills, Insurrecto, and Makati, is a fitness advocacy group spreading functional fitness through Crossfit, and building the thrust of a FITTER PHILIPPINES.

I went there few Saturdays ago with Ava and Arnie for the "trial session" with Coach RJ. Gusto ko that they offer something like this kasi at least you can weigh if something is good for you and enjoy ka before committing to a membership plan.

When we entered the box, mapapansin kaagad that walang mirrors (na pang seselfie dapat ng usual gym goers, haha) and no big machines, from the looks of the place palang you'll know na that crossfit isn't just about getting abs--it's about OVER-ALL FITNESS. 

So hindi lang flexibility or balance ang makukuha ko na unlike sa yoga--in crossfit, sabi nga ni Coach RJ, you'll develop: 

1) Strength
2) Endurance
3) Flexibility
4) Stamina
5) Speed
6) Power
7) Balance
8) Coordination
9) Agility
10) Accuracy

Crossfit is basically a core strength and conditioning program. Ang goal nila is to PREPARE you to any physical challenge that you might encounter sa future--pwedeng for a marathon para isang sponsored brand (lol), or pagbubuhat ng big boxes for a bazaar (hehe). Sabi nga ni Coach RJ, in short, for Zombie Apocalypse! Haha! That caught my attention! ;D

Crossfit uses FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS from iba't ibang fitness activities from gymnastics, weightlifting, etcetera. Iwas boredom and familiarity sila coz it's a DIFFERENT WORKOUT EVERYDAY.

Saw this GOALS board of the regular attendees of this "box" (how they call their crossfit "gym"). Goals are important when you Crossfit--plus dedicating your time and energy to their classes! 1 hour per session for 3x a week sya.

We were 5 in this batch of Trial WOD (Work Out of the Day). Before we started, our Coach asked us our fitness background, and onting Crossfit kwentos and intro. I've heard a lot of things about Crossfit before, tipong sobrang intense daw--but Coach RJ clarified that it is intense, kundi paano ka mag iimprove? Intense sha but based sa kakayanin ng student.

After warming up, Coach RJ wrote our day's workout: series of body rows, squats, push-ups, and wrecking ball kettle ball. Mabilisan sya, repetitions till we reach 8 minutes. Nakakahingal, parang relay, pero FUN! Watch (and laugh) hehehe:

After the trial, I have to say that the most important lesson I got in that session is proper posture. With straight back, right pressure in pulling, and even right stand--you'll get the BENEFITS already from the workout. Speed and how deep you'll go will come later on--basta important is you have the right foundation na you'll develop nalang as you go along and attend in all your classes. :)

Fun din to go here with friends, of course! Thanks Ava and Arnie, parang playtime lang sha because of you guys! Another best part of attending Crossfit here is the great company you'll have in your box.

Check out the schedule and rates of Crossfit Mad Minute in the Yakal St. Makati. 
Join their FREE trial session every Saturday, 3pm!

For more info and updates, get connected to Crossfit Mad Minute online:

Sinuot ko talaga this Fat Kid Inside t-shirt post-workout, haha! For me, fitness is about body-love, by developing yourself to your full potential--and not just for vanity purposes. Though part padin yun, of course. ;) Excited to go to real classes next month! See you?

Join WOD Nation's Advocacy for a FITTER PHILIPPINES!

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  1. yay - level up na ang fitness activity. Crossfit! Maybe I should try working out na rin, been so lazy since 2014 started. :)


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