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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Congrats to Joyce Rebleza - @joy022!
So cute noh when brands release Valentine's Day special, lalo na they know naman that it's just for a day--a week max of celebration! Iba talaga pag love! Pag dating sa mga ganyan, cliche ako at mas naaappreciate ko ang damang dama na sincerity (may radar lahat tayong girls for that!)... (love?) letter, stuffed toy, o nadaanang long-stemmed rose on the way to meet you (lol)... Ay kilig nako nyan (deep inside, of course! Wag pahalata! Haha)! ;p

Sabi nila the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, pero wait sa case ko ganun din naman (lol). Here are some of Brownies! Unlimited Valentines Day specials! Cute and parang ang sarap!

Fudge Cake - Php250

Valentine Cupcake - Php45

Sweetheart - Php55

Now get a chance to win any of these! Mauuna pa kayo sakin matikman to, haha--to join:

...Masaya din kay winner may instant mareregalo ka na kay jowaker, or pwede din kay mom and dad or kay best friend, hehehehe. ;p Happy Hearts! :)


  1. Joined :)

    Danica Marie Abrigo
    Instagram: @dalandanlacanilao

  2. Danica Marie Abrigo
    Instagram: @dalandanlacanilao

  3. I joined ;D I can't wait this coming valentines day!! so exciting! <3
    Ilag, Amor Mia R.

    Have a good day miss Ana! :D

  4. Hi again miss Ana!
    this is the repost version of my entries!
    Ilag, Amor mia R

    Sorry,, and Have a great day! <3

  5. Jill Roque

  6. I joined.
    Hoping to have a free box of Brownies Unlimited.. Soon
    More power to your blog more readers to come :)


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