Color Block and Writer's Block

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hi guys!

...I think I've forgotten how to blog!

I used blog every night-- kahit tired na, right after school or events. I can't help but click open my Jurassic PC or laptop, scratch the ISP internet card I bought with my baon using a limang piso, and then just talk about the day's rundown to anyone willing to read my tiny space in the World Wide Web. Every photo walang palyang naka caption. And every caption--although minsan over-sharing, interesting.

Ngayon, I am not sure if it's burnout ba or my busier schedule resulting to mental block pag kaharap ko na si laptop, but I feel na the past days or so I've lost that touch. I Googled about writer's block, and saw a lot of sites na may tips on battling the enemy. Here are some of them..

1. Have a specific writing time / schedule.
2. Meanwhile, make sure to also give yourself writing breaks to recharge (your creative juices).
3. Take it easy. Don't punish yourself by forcing to come up with something.
4. Change venue / consider a fresh space where you can write from time to time.

And last but not the least, 5) Write anyway.
Like what I am doing now! Bahala na bukas if this is worth reading / sharing... But for now the best way to get back on track is freewriting--so type away! Post away! Jan ako magaling! Hahaha!

I hope to post more photos and day-to-day kwentos. Ang daming FUUUN that happened the past days sana hindi lumipas without documentation ....which is my sole purpose for starting a diary / blog anyway. ;)

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  1. What is super naka-relate ako sa post na ito?! Haha

    Grabe parang biglang nawala yung magic ng writing para sakin huhu ang dami ko na tuloy backlog! As in November 2013 travel ko pa! Haha

    Gawin ko yang mga tips mo ;)

  2. I agree with it. Hope you're not going to stop blogging/documenting about your life through fashion way.
    I like how you write very interesting stories :)

  3. i thought my writer's block but u still manage to write a worth reading posts! :)


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